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Mrs. Rossi



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Mrs. Rossi

Hello Everyone!

 I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!

My emergency distance learning school hours will be 8-11:30 a.m the week of June 15- June 18th

Here is the schedule of work for June 15- June 18th:

Please fill in the district "Distance learning log". I will send it to you upon request.

Please keep forwarding evidence of completed work


 June 15- June 18th


Log into clever 

Work on assigned Math in Freckle:

Take assessment

Work on assigned lesson


Freckle: Work on assigned Ela work

There are three reading assignments (Social Studies and Science)

There are also decodable lessons for letter recognition assigned.


Call or text me  




Log into Teach your monster to read and splash learn at 30 minute intervals.

You may choose the order in which you visit the sites

Teach your monster to read: everyone works at their own pace. Some students are almost done with the program

Splash learn: work on assigned assignments. Each child is on a different path.


Lunch and free time


Listen to a story on

Yow may choose your own books but I’d like them to be Science themed

ex. Seasons, butterfly life cycle, plant life cycle etc.

Write about what the book was about then email me the title of the book add your summary


Log into Sum dog and work at your own pace


Please reach out to me with any questions or difficulties you are having. Check our text message chain for my messages. I will also be checking in via the phone.

If a printable packet would be better for you, let me know and i will e-mail you a printable document. The district can also mail you a printed packet if you request it. I can forward you the information. I can also e-mail you a copy of the schedule at your request.


*Additional assignment:

Please arrive at school on Wednesday at 12 p.m. as stated all stduents must be wearing a mask to enter the building. Please be prompt as we are scheduled to be one of the first classes in the building. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Please continue to send me evidence of work completed. Thank you to those that have done so.



Mrs. Rossi