E. Palombo



Degrees and Certifications:

E. Palombo

Virtual Learning Hours: 9:00-12:30 (M-F)


On-Line Platform (w/Ms. Morrissey): Schoology.com

English 12 (per.2): K55H-FMBJ-544VX

English 12 (per.5): 2NCP-PDHZ-HQRKN

English 11 (per.6): M6DP-ZJMC-RCGVJ


On-Line Platform (w/Mr. Sisk): Google Classroom

English 10 (per.8): JTDSW25

If you are having any issues completing the required classwork for English 10, you need to contact me via email: EPalombo@YonkersPublicSchools.Org


Parent Platform: Talking Points