Global History and Geography I & II / World Problems

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Ms. Kuri

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my teacher page for Global History and Geography I & II and World Problems. Students can access all assignments on our Schoology account. Please reach out via email if you have any questions. I am looking forward to a great 2023-2024 school year.

Global History and Geography I

  • Unit I: Introduction to Global I
  • Unit II: The First Civilizations
  • Unit III: Classical Civilizations
  • Unit IV: Political Powers and Achievements
  • Unit V: Social and Cultural Growth and Conflict
  • Unit VI: Ottoman and Ming Pre-1600
  • Unit VII: Transformation of Western Europe and Russia
  • Unit VIII: Africa and the Americas Pre-1600
  • Unit IX: Interactions and Disruptions

Global History and Geography II

  • Unit I: The World in 1750 CE
  • Unit II: Enlightenment, Revolution, and Nationalism
  • Unit III: Industrial Revolution
  • Unit IV: Imperialism
  • Unit V: World Wars
  • Unit VI: Cold War Era
  • Unit VII: Decolonization and Nationalism
  • Unit VIII: Cultural Traditions and Modernization
  • Unit IX: Globalization and the Changing Environments
  • Unit X: Human Right Violations


Grading Policy

Your grade for each marking period will be the average of the following below:
Summative Assessments -
30% (Quizzes, Tests, Essays, DBQs, Thematic Essays)

Homework - 20% (Current Events, Short Term Assignments)

Classwork - 40% (Work completed in the classroom/Class Participation)         

Notebook - 10% (Organized and filed properly)                                                                      

Total                                                                                                      100%

Your final grade for the course is an average of your four marking terms, the Mid-Term (January), and the Final Exam (June).