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Mr. Edmond Byrne

It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to be involved in the education of your children. English Language Arts is the pursuit of mastery in understanding and communicating ideas.  Our ideas do not exist without methods to share them.  Our focus in the 8th Grade ELA class is the development of evidence-based claims.  It is essential that our conclusions be born of facts rather than just emotions or prejudice.  We will explore a wide variety of texts from novels, narrative poetry, nonfiction articles and biographies.  Socratic seminars and formal debates will guide our units of study.  Together, we will expand our knowledge and develop our ability to impact our world in positive ways.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this journey. 


** Distance Learning Information:  Digital Office Hours- 10:00am-1:30pm


Dear Students,

I hope that you and your families are all managing to stay safe healthy.   As you probably already know, school will not be in session for the remainder of March   It is possible that the building may be closed for a longer period of time than that.  Please realize that this does not mean that you don’t have a lot of work to do in all your classes.  Your grades will depend on you keeping up with this work online.  For my class, you must check your assignments here on Teams every weekday (Monday-Friday) for instruction and assignments.  If you know of a classmate who has internet difficulties, please share the assignments with them through screenshots.  If you have any difficulties, you can always send me a chat here on Teams or reach me by email at  Let’s all work together to find success. 

Follow the guidelines given to us by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in order to keep the elderly and sick from exposure to this virus.  Taking these steps will help us all get through this in the safest and most effective ways.  Remember, evidence from valid sources is our best tool in coming to strong claims about any situation. 

In addition to sticking to the advice of our medical and scientific experts, it’s essential that we keep our spirits up and lift the spirits of our loved ones.  Don’t waste time arguing over nonsense.  Spend your energy doing your favorite creative pursuits.  If you don’t have a cool hobby, find one.  Youtube has great tutorials about nearly any hobby you can imagine.  Be kind.  Empathy is a great weapon against anxiety and boredom.  Let your younger siblings “win” at UNO or video games.  Tell jokes.  Laugh at jokes, even the corny ones.  Do chores to help your parents and guardians feel less stressed.  Call or text older relatives to check to see how they’re doing.  Text friends.  Avoid online drama and bullying.  With this in mind, I am putting a pause on my no posting nonsense on our Teams page rule.  As long as the post is appropriated (not potentially offensive to any group or individual), you may post it in order to share some joy.   

I realize that this is a very stressful time for you and your families.  As adults, we all wish that we could shield you from the anxiety and uncertainty of these times.  However, you are young adults and no longer children.  Be confident that you have all the skills you need to get through this temporary moment in history.  Things will get better. 

If you have any questions concerning academics or current events, I will do my best to answer those questions or to steer you in the right direction if I am ignorant of the facts. 


Mr. Byrne