• Expanding Our Global Community

    Grades 9-12

    The International Baccalaureate Programme is the cornerstone of the school’s college preparatory curriculum and is designed to prepare students for post-graduation entrance to universities in the United States and around the world

    Students who are accepted to be part of this rich academic environment should possess a strong sense of motivation and dedication. Both parents and students need to maintain a commitment to fulfilling the high standards of this program

    International Baccalaureate Programme (IB): Honors IB and Diploma (Academic Admission Requirements)

    Students must have demonstrated high academic performance as part of the entrance requirements. Entrance is based on report card grades, standardized test scores and the selection of Yonkers High School during the application process

    Students and parents must sign the school’s Placement Agreement indicating that they will adhere to the school uniform policy and Code of Conduct, as well as maintain their academic standing

    MYP/Honors IB courses are offered in grades nine and ten, a required personal project is completed in grade ten

    Coursework is focused on philosophy and the integration of knowledge as it influences our world

    Students are guided as they strive to develop the characteristics of IB Learners: inquirers; knowledgeable; thinkers; communicators; principled; open-minded; caring; risk-takers; balanced; and reflective.

    Students take New York State Regents examinations as well as IB examinations and are required to take a Foreign Language and a visual art or music course

    Students graduating with both an IB Diploma as well as a Yonkers High School diploma must fulfill the following requirements:

    – Complete and pass courses and examinations in six prescribed areas

    – Complete a two-year interdisciplinary seminar; Theory of Knowledge, intended to relate learning from concepts, historical events, current events, and issues of importance in all disciplines

    – Compose a 4,000 word research Extended Essay

    – Complete the requirements for Creativity, Action, Service, independently fulfilling 150 hours of extracurricular and/or service activities

    Although IB courses can only be taken by juniors and seniors, all juniors and seniors are encouraged to take at least two IB courses before they graduate. An official IB certificate will be awarded for each course successfully completed

    Graduates can receive college credits and be placed into college honors classes by attaining high scores on their IB examinations