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During our extended closure please continue to check and submit work via our Clever class pages at Clever 

If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to Email Me! As I will be checking in frequently...

Please stay happy, healthy and safe!!!


3/19/20 I will be available, Monday-Friday 7:45 to 11:15 to answer any questions, review submitted and address any concerns! Please feel free to email questions outside of this time and I will address them as I can....

Be sure to check your school email account tomorrow 3/20/19 for additional guidlines and grading procedures!

3/20/20 Please check your school email account! Any student having issues logging into their accounts can e-mail the school librarian at or call the technology department at 914-376-8637

3/23/20 Please continue to submit all work to as of 11am The Discovery portal is up and running correctly!

3/24/20 Keep up the great work!!! Please remember to put your class period in the subject line when emailing work!

3/27/20 Thanks for all your work!!! 

4/2/20 Discovery has updated class lists! Please make sure you can login!!! New assignemnts posted tomorrow!!!!


4/3/20 Discovery is expericing some issues!

4/6/20 Discovery is back up and running! Please check your assignments daily! Next 2 are due 4/8/2020
4/7/20 Deadline for all late missing work is Monday 4/13/20
4/9/20 New assignments added! Please make sure you are using your district provided student logs! Keep up the great work!!!
4/10/20 This weekends extra credit! Email me and let me know how you are doing!
4/13/20 Assignment due on the 15th has questions to be answered within the worksheet!!!
4/15/20 New assingments are up! Please be sure to keep a district time log
4/16/20 Marking period ends tomorrow! Please submit all missing work ASAP!
4/17/20 Marking period ends today!
4/20/20 Start of the 4th marking period!
4/27/20 Next group os assignments has been posted! Have a great week!
5/5/20 Don't forget your class period when submitting work!
5/11/20 Assignments due 5/12 and 5/13
5/13/20 *Make Up Assignments* Deadline for all previous assignments from both  the 3rd and 4th marking periods, is no latter than 5/18!
5/19/20 New Assignments are up!
5/20/20 District Wide Memorial Day Lesson is up  on Discovery!
5/29/20  Contiunue to work on/make up any work from the 4th marking period on 6/1-6/2 I will post new assignments on 6/2
Congrats Class of 2020!!!!!