• School Supplies

    • Remote Learning Supply List

      Digital Device - Desktop, Laptop, or tablet

      1 - Composition marble notebook for PreK-K (Primary grades) 

      1 - Plastic folder

      1 - Pencil box with the following supplies:




           Glue sticks


      Hybrid Learning Supply List-

       **Extra CLEAN Masks in a plastic Ziploc bag labelled "CLEAN" **

      1  LARGE book bag (large enough to hold a plastic folder)  

      1  Plastic shoebox (13’’x 8’’x 5’’ = 5-6 qt) to hold their supplies

      2  heavy duty PLASTIC folders

      1  PRIMARY JOURNAL–pages will be half blank/half lined (Walmart/Staples)

      1  pair of Ear phones (NO Earbuds) in a labeled Ziploc bag (label both items)

      2  packs of 24 CRAYOLA crayons

      1  pack of WASHABLE CRAYOLA markers

      1   box colored pencils

      1   BLUNT edge FISKER children’s scissor

       1   bottle of glue (liquid) AND 6 glue sticks

      • package of CRAYOLA water color paints
      • container of PLAY-DOH (yellow jar by Hasbro)
      • BIG boxes of facial tissues

      2   packages of fragrance free baby wipes (one is for the art teacher)

      • package of Clorox/Lysol fragrance free sanitizing wipes

      2   bottles of fragrance free hand sanitizer

      2   cans of Lysol disinfectant spray

      • roll of paper towel

          *If your child is a BOY:  1 box of QUART size Ziploc bags (with the zipper!)

          *If your child is a GIRL: 1 box of GALLON SIZE Ziploc bags (with the zipper!)


      **ALL CHILDREN are required to have one (1) complete change of clothes (including underwear/panties and socks, shirt/blouse, and pants/skirt). The clothes should be in a Ziploc bag with your child’s name on it. It should be kept in your child’s backpack at all times and replaced as needed.**


      Items that you will need to keep at home to complete your child’s homework:

               *Crayola crayons                     *pencils

       *glue sticks/glue                     *a pair of blunt end scissors

       *Old magazines for cutting out pictures