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    1. Write poetry daily

      Set up a routine of writing a piece of poetry each day as a way of celebrating this month. Jot down your feelings and thoughts about different things in a rhythmic manner and voila! You've successfully written a poem. This, on the one hand, acts as a way of commemorating this month and, on the other hand, helps to improve the cognitive function of the brain

    2. Poetry event

      Arrange a poetry event at your nearby library and perform various activities to create awareness about this less-explored genre. This could include a poem competition, a staged act of a poem, exploring different types of poetry, etc. People of any age can take part in this event and express their thoughts and ideas.

    3. Rediscover famous poets

      Seek out some epic pieces of poetry by incredible poets who are now almost forgotten. Read and analyze the meaning behind their poems. You can also choose one poet every day and go through their poetry. This will encourage the forgotten joy of poetry.

      (Source: https://nationaltoday.com/national-poetry-month/)