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Masters of Science: Literacy Dual Bachelor of Science: Early & Childhood Education, Teaching Students with Disabilities NYS Certification Areas: Early and Childhood Education (B-6) Students with Disabilities (B-6) Gifted and Talented Literacy (B-12th)

Ms. Michelle Russo

Dear Families,

    The fourth grade has been working diligently since the first day of school!  Each student has transitioned beautifully into our class.  I would like to review what the students are currently working on, so they can continue at home.

Math- We are working in Module 1, which focuses on place value, rounding, and algorithms for addition and subtraction. Below are the topics broken down even further.

Topic A: Place value of multi-digit whole numbers

Topic B: Comparing multi-digit whole numbers

Topic C: Rounding multi-digit whole numbers

Topic D: Multi-digit whole number addition

Topic E: Multi-digit whole number subtraction

Topic F: Addition and subtraction word problems


ELA- We began learning our rules and routines for the Benchmark curriculum so we can effectively master the learning targets set forth in the first unit. Unit 1 of Benchmark integrates a lot of social studies content in this unit.  Students can access Benchmark online through Clever.  Don't forget to ask your son or daughter about Mr. Jupiter from our class read aloud.

Science- Using Mystery Science we will be examining how the human body acts as a machine by first looking at muscles and the skeletal system, followed by light, eyes and vision along with the functions each of these parts have on the human body as a whole. Lastly, we will look at the brain, nerves and how they operate together. Students will conduct investigations and experiments using the online platform of Mystery Science. 

Social Studies- In addition to the information learned in Benchmark about the constitution and government, students will learn about the geography in New York state and the impact it has on community members, the environment, animals that inhabit the area etc.

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Ms. Russo