• The Yonkers Public School district is committed to preparing all learners for the opportunities of today and tomorrow in a culture of inquiry. All are encouraged to take initiative for their own development, think critically, actively listen, participate fully and acquire decision making and leadership skills.



      Everyone in Yonkers Public Schools will:

      • Treat all with dignity and respect
      • Make every decision guided by student achievement
      • Develop the 'whole child'
      • Support every educator in the pursuit of learning for professional growth
      • Connect the school, home, and community in all activities
      • Involve all in student success

      Goal 1 - Student Achievement

      Provide curricula that fosters high levels of student achievement that embed 21st Century skills.

      Goal 2 - Professional Development

      Continue to develop and enhance current practices and efforts in order to ensure teacher growth leading to enhanced student learning outcomes.

      Goal 3 - Data Driven Culture

      Create a school-wide culture based on high expectations and accountability.

      Goal 4 - Student Needs

      Establish a community that supports students with diverse social and emotional needs for student growth and development.

      Goal 5 - Stakeholder Involvement/Engagement

      Develop the family and the community infrastructure to support student success