Mrs. Rice's Kindergarten Class (K-2)

Mrs. Rice

Phone: (914)-376-8969


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Rice


 Good morning, everyone!  It's a BEAUTIFUL morning!  Here is our class schedule:

 Copy and paste the zoom link below into your web browser to join our daily meeting.

8:35-9:05-  Unpack, morning work, complete Seesaw assignments

9:05-9:35-  Sign onto ZOOM meeting for morning meeting, ELA Benchmark, Seesaw

9:35-9:50- 15 minute GoNoodle/movement break/mask break

9:50-10:20- Continue on ZOOM meeting, ELA Benchmark, Seesaw

10:20-10:35- 15 minute GoNoodle/movement break/mask break

10:35-11:00-Continue on Zoom meeting, ELA Benchmark, Seesaw

11:00-11:30- Independent assigned activities (Seesaw)

11:30 - 12:30- Lunch/Recess

12:35-1:15- Independent assigned activities (Seesaw)

1:15 -2:00-  Sign onto ZOOM meeting for math/science/social studies (group share/review)  

2:00- Sign off ZOOM for the day and complete independent assigned activities (Seesaw)


 Prep Schedule:  

Monday 10:55-11:25  Mrs. Bergen (sign onto her TEAMS meeting at this time)

Tuesday 10:20-10:50 Mrs. Bergen (sign onto her TEAMS meeting at this time)

Wednesday 11:30-12:00 physical education Mrs. Sher-Collazzo (sign onto her TEAMS meeting at this time)

Thursday 12:35-1:05 Mrs. Bergen (sign onto her TEAMS meeting at this time)

Friday 1:50-2:20 Mrs. Bergen (sign onto her TEAMS meeting at this time)


Hello!  Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! I am Mrs. Rice and I’m going to be your child’s kindergarten teacher this year. I am so excited to meet you and your children and to work with you to ensure your children have a productive and fun school year. I have been a primary grade teacher for 22 years in Yonkers, but this style of learning and teaching is new to all of us. We had a small taste of it back in the spring, but this will be our first full remote/hybrid year so we will all be learning together ~ students, parents, and teachers alike.  It is going to take a lot of patience, flexibility, understanding, and communication from all involved. We will be using Clever and that is where you will find Seesaw where all of the assignments will be. The link to Clever is on the right hand side of our school website. Click it. Then click the "LDAP" button. Type in your child’s username which is:   The password to log on to Clever is your child’s 8 digit birth date (mm/dd/yyyy).  Then click on Mrs. Rice’s Kindergarten Class. There you will find Epic Books, Mystery Science, and Seesaw. More info will come as we go along.  If you did not receive an e-mail from me yet with your child's Seesaw text code, it's because I did not have an email listed for you. Please e-mail me at  Put your child’s first and last name in the “subject” area so it should look like this ex: Amorette Rice’s e-mail address. I will get your Seesaw text code to you as you will need it for the first week for assignments.

Let’s have a great year!

Mrs. Rice








                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      June 15, 2020

Dear Families,

        It was so nice seeing everyone at “The Kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony” this past Friday. We are so proud of the students and their hard work this school year. We especially want to thank the parents for ALL of their support. This year could not have been successful without YOU. It was a unique school year and we appreciate how flexible you were as we all learned how to navigate teaching through distance learning.

This week, there is one assignment per day except for Thursday. We would like the students to reflect on this past year and share their favorite memories. We can’t wait to read them!

This year our K- 12 Summer Reading Program is a new online summer reading program called READsquared.  The program makes available grade-leveled eBooks from the Yonkers Public Library.  Students can create & email summer reading book lists to their teachers from this program.  Grade level summer reading assignments are called “Missions” and are available online in the program.  To access the program you will need a Yonkers Public Library card and to create an account.

 Here is the link to obtain your Yonkers Public Library card:

Here is the link to register for READsquared:

You can also download the free app on your phone.

Additional resource flyers and instructional videos will be available on our website and the Yonkers Public Library website.

*Please make sure to pick up your child's belongings, in the school gym, on June 17 between the hours of 9:00 am - 10:00 am. All of their items are in a bag with their name on it. If you have borrowed an ipad from the school, please return it then.*

Wishing everyone an enjoyable and safe summer! Looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces next year!


Mrs.Cohen and Mrs.Rice



Tomorrow, Friday June 12th at 11 a.m., is the kindergarten moving up Zoom party/slideshow! The link to get into the Zoom party is below.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 June 8, 2020

Dear Parents,

Good morning! We are so happy to tell you that the kindergarten virtual moving up ceremony will be this Friday June 12th at 11 a.m. You will receive an invitation in your e-mail this week. Mrs. Cohen and I will send you a link to a Zoom meeting and during that Zoom meeting, we will be showing the moving up slideshow.

This week’s lessons include:

ELA/READING:  finding hidden sight words with a magnifying glass

ELA/WRITING: practice with CVC words

MATH: butterflies

SCIENCE: butterflies

SOCIAL STUDIES: in honor of Flag Day on Sunday June 14th, flag activities on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week.

          The Word Ladders activity has 4 pages. Please do page 1 on Tuesday, page 2 on Wednesday, page 3 on Thursday, and page 4 on Friday.

          The Butterfly Addition activity has 6 pages. Please do pages 1 and 2 on Wednesday, pages 3 and 4 on Thursday, and pages 5 and 6 on Friday.

*****We are looking forward to seeing everyone this Friday June 12th at 11 a.m. for the moving up ceremony on Zoom.*****

Mrs. Cohen and Mrs. Rice


Estimados Padres,                                                                                                                                                                                   8 de junio del 2020

¡Buenos días! Estamos muy contentos de decirles que la ceremonia virtual de avance del jardín de infantes (kínder) será este viernes 12 de junio las 11 a.m. Recibirá una invitación en su correo electrónico esta semana. La señora Cohen y yo le enviaremos un enlace a una reunión de Zoom y durante esa reunión de Zoom, vamos a mostrar la presentación de diapositivas de fotos.

Las lecciones de esta semana incluyen:

ELA/LECTURA: encontrar palabras ocultas a la vista con una lupa

ELA/ESCRITURA: practicar con palabras CVC

MATEMATICAS: mariposas

CIENCIA: mariposas

ESTUDIOS SOCIALES: en honor al Día de la Bandera el domingo 14 de junio, actividades de bandera el lunes, miércoles y viernes de esta semana.

La actividad Word Ladders tiene 4 páginas. Por favor, haga la página 1 el martes, la página 2 el miércoles, la página 3 el jueves y la página 4 el viernes.

La actividad Butterfly Addition tiene 6 páginas. Por favor, haga las páginas 1 y 2 los miércoles, las páginas 3 y 4 del jueves y las páginas 5 y 6 del viernes.

Esperamos ver a todos este viernes 12 de junio a las 11 a.m. para la ceremonia de avance en Zoom.*****

La Señora Cohen y la Sra. Rice



Mon. 6-1-20 to Fri. 6-5-20

(Week #12 of Distance Learning)

Dear Parents,

       Thank you to all of the students and parents who continue to try their best to do their best. It is very apparent that some of you are trying very hard and taking your time on each and every assignment. We appreciate all of your hard work, parents included.

       Please remember to practice reading before you press record. The idea is that you read with fluency and become familiar with the words, which results in becoming an independent reader. It is okay to pause, hesitate, and stumble over sounds while trying to read.  That helps us to assess where you need help. We would prefer for you to take your time and submit all written assignments neatly, correctly, and late rather than rush through to be done and submit work with errors.

       As we work on our end of the year virtual celebration, we are asking you to please submit a recent, individual picture of your child dressed up (as if they were attending our moving up ceremony at school) to be included in the video. Thank you to those families who have already submitted their photos. We need these pictures emailed to us as soon as possible.

For week #12 our lessons include:

ELA/READING: Reading comprehension and reading response.

ELA/WRITING: Spelling CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words with the same ending

MATH:Teen number bonds

SCIENCE:Learning about animal needs.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Learning about and reviewing characteristics of the calendar and reflecting on school memories.

       Please always submit your child’s neatest, complete, and best work for every lesson. Mrs.Cohen and I are looking forward to seeing this week’s work submissions.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Rice


Lunes 6-1-20 a Viernes 6-5-20 

(Semana #12 de Aprendizaje a Distancia) 

Estimados Padres, 

             Gracias a todos los estudiantes y padres que continúan haciendo todo lo posible para dar lo mejor de sí. Es muy evidente que algunos de ustedes se están esforzando mucho y se toman su tiempo en todas y cada una de las tareas. Agradecemos todo su duro trabajo, padres incluidos. 

             Recuerden practicar la lectura antes de presionar gravar. La idea es que leas con fluidez y te familiarices con las palabras, lo que resulta en convertirte en un lector independiente. Está bien hacer una pausa, dudar y tropezar con los sonidos mientras intenta leer.  Eso nos ayuda a evaluar dónde necesitas ayuda. Preferimos que se tome su tiempo y envíe todas las asignaciones escritas de manera ordenada, correcta y tarde en lugar de apresurarse a hacer y enviar trabajo con errores. 

            Mientras trabajamos en nuestra celebración virtual de fin de año , le pedimos que por favor envíe una foto reciente e individual de su hijo vestido (como si estuviera asistiendo a nuestra ceremonia de ascenso en la escuela) para ser incluido en el video. Gracias a las familias que ya han enviado sus fotos. Necesitamos estas fotos por correo electrónico tan pronto como sea posible.  

             Durante la semana #12 nuestras lecciones incluyen: 


Comprensión lectora y respuesta a la lectura. 


Ortografía CVC (consonante, vocal, consonante) palabras 

con el mismo final 


Los enlaces numéricos 


Aprender sobre las necesidades de los animales. 

ciencias sociales: 

Aprender y revisar las características del calendario y reflejar 

sobre los recuerdos de la escuela. 

              Por favor, envíe siempre el trabajo más ordenado, completo y mejor de su hijo para cada lección. La Sra. Cohen y yo estamos deseando ver las presentaciones de trabajo de esta semana. 

¡ Que tengan una buena semana! 

Sra. Rice 



                                                                                                                         May 25, 2020

 Dear Parents,

      We can’t believe we are starting to plan for the kids’ moving up ceremony already! We will be creating a slideshow for a virtual moving up ceremony. We are asking for everyone to e-mail us a clear photo of your child (by themselves) dressed up as they would be if we were having the ceremony at school. All photos are due by Friday May 29th so that we have time to put the slideshow together. Thank you.

Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Cohen


  25 de mayo del 2020

 Queridos Padres,

No podemos creer que ya estemos empezando a planear la ceremonia de ascenso de los niños. Vamos a crear una presentación de fotos diapositivas para una ceremonia de ascenso virtual. Estamos pidiendo que todos nos envíe por correo electrónico una foto clara de su hijo (solo) vestido como lo sería si estuviéramos teniendo la ceremonia en la escuela.Todas las fotos tienen que ser enviadas antes del viernes 29 de mayo para que tengamos tiempo de armar la presentación. Muchas gracias.

La Señora Rice y la Señora Cohen


Mon. 5-25-20 to Fri. 5-29-20

(Week #11 of Distance Learning)

Dear Parents,

       Mrs. Cohen and I would like to thank you, the parents, who are working so hard with your children to ensure that they are working to meet our expectations for distance learning and submitting quality work. Congratulations again to all of the students who received their Distance Learning Award last Thursday!

       Our expectations remain the same as they have always been throughout the school year.

  • All answers should be typed or written in complete sentences which begin with an uppercase letter and end with a period (.), a question mark (?), or an exclamation point (!).
  • All voice recordings should be loud, clear, and all of the words and/or sentences on the page should be read aloud.
  • If your child’s writing is not legible, you can always type the letters or numbers using the “T” tool on the left side of the page.
  • When submitting a drawing as a response to a story or a question, please label the parts of the drawing and record yourself explaining what you drew so we understand your response.

While we are seeing some students’ work that meets and even exceeds our expectations week after week with almost every lesson submitted to us, unfortunately, we are also seeing work from some students that proves very difficult for us to approve or assess due to a minimal amount of effort shown in the work being sent to us.

   In addition, children need a place where they can focus on their work. While they are learning, they should be provided with as much of a distraction-free area as possible so they can process information and think. Please try to eliminate or at least greatly minimize background noises such as loud t.v. and music, loud phone conversations in the same room, and unnecessary noises while your child is trying to learn and do their school work.

For week #11 our lessons include:


Reading sentences


    Spelling CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words

    Answering comprehension questions

  • MATH:

    Number bonds


    Learning what seeds, trees, and plants need to survive and grow


    Learning about national symbols that represent America

       Please always submit your child’s neatest, complete, and best work for every lesson. Mrs. Cohen and I are looking forward to seeing this week’s work submissions.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Rice



5-25-2020 al viernes 5-29-2020

(Semana #11 de Aprendizaje a Distancia)

Queridos padres,

Cohen y yo queremos darle las gracias a ustedes, los padres, que están trabajando tan duro con sus hijos para asegurarse de que están trabajando para cumplir con nuestras expectativas de aprendizaje a distancia y presentar trabajo de calidad.

Nuestras expectativas siguen siendo las mismas que siempre han sido durante todo el año escolar.

  • Todas las respuestas deben escribirse o tecleada en oraciones completas que comiencen con una letra mayúscula y terminen con un punto (.), un signo de interrogación (?), o un signo de exclamación (!).
  • Todas las grabaciones de voz deben ser fuertes, claras, y todas las palabras y/o oraciones de la página deben leerse en voz alta.
  • Si la escritura de su hijo no es legible, siempre puede escribir las letras o números usando la herramienta "T" en el lado izquierdo de la página.
  • Al enviar un dibujo como respuesta a una historia o una pregunta, etiquete las partes del dibujo y regístrese explicando lo que ha dibujado para que entendamos su respuesta.

Mientras que estamos viendo el trabajo de algunos estudiantes que cumple e incluso supera nuestras expectativas semana tras semana con casi todas las lecciones enviadas a nosotros, por desgracia, también estamos viendo trabajos de algunos estudiantes que resulta muy difícil de aprobar o evaluar debido a una cantidad mínima de esfuerzo mostrado en el trabajo que se nos envía.

Además, los niños necesitan un lugar donde puedan concentrarse en su trabajo. Mientras están aprendiendo, se les debe proporcionar la mayor cantidad de un área libre de distracciones como sea posible para que puedan procesar la información y pensar. Por favor, trate de eliminar o al menos minimizar en gran medida los ruidos de fondo, como la  tv , la música, las conversaciones telefónicas fuertes en la misma habitación y los ruidos innecesarios mientras su hijo está tratando de aprender y hacer su trabajo escolar.

 Durante la semana #11 nuestras lecciones incluyen:


Lectura de oraciones


Ortografía CVC (consonante, vocal, consonante) palabras

Responder a las preguntas de comprensión


Bonos numéricos


Aprender qué semillas, árboles y plantas necesitan para sobrevivir y crecer

  • ciencias sociales:

Aprender sobre símbolos nacionales que representan a los Estados Unidos de America.

Por favor, envíe siempre el mejor trabajo, completo y mejor de su hijo para cada lección. Cohen y yo estamos deseando ver las comunicaciones de trabajo de esta semana.

¡Que tenga una buena semana!

Sra. Rice




























Monday May 18, 2020 - Friday May 22, 2020

(week #10 of distance learning)

Dear Parents,

   We hope the kids enjoyed last week’s assignments.


       We are asking that an adult continue to work with the children on each and every lesson for the remainder of this school year.  This week, during the activity Sentence Fix-Up, the children will need to practice spelling sight words correctly and make sure there is a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence and the proper punctuation at the end of the sentence. Please remember to review your sight words daily.

       Last week, we enjoyed listening to your children read for fluency.  It is imperative that you record them reading. If you are unable to record your child reading or there is any confusion about an assignment, please note that under comments.  If your child is unable to complete the assignment on the date that it is given, please have them work on it at their earliest convenience. We’d prefer your child do the work late, rather than not turn it in. Please do not submit incomplete or blank work without an explanation.


       Please visit Ms.Hughes’ page for art, Mr.Proia’s page for music and Mrs.Sher-Collazo’s page for physical education. If your child receives any services like speech, OT, PT, or ELL please contact those teachers directly via their teacher page.

Have a great week!



(Parent Letter in Spanish)


Lunes 18 de mayo del 2020 - Viernes 22 de mayo del 2020

(semana #10 de aprendizaje a distancia)

Queridos padres,

Esperamos que los niños hayan disfrutado de las tareas de la semana pasada.


     Pedimos que un adulto continúe trabajando con los niños en todas y cada una de las lecciones durante el resto de este año escolar.  Esta semana, durante la actividad SentenceFix-Up, los niños tendrán que practicar las palabras ortográficas correctamente y asegurarse de que haya una letra mayúscula al principio de la oración y la puntuación adecuada al final de la oración. Por favor, recuerde revisar sus palabras de reconocimiento a primera vista(SightWord) todos los días.

      La semana pasada, disfrutamos escuchar a sus hijos leer para mejorar fluidez.Es imperativo que los grabe leyendo. Si no puede registrar la lectura de su hijo o hay alguna confusión acerca de una tarea, escribanos debajo encomentarios.  Si su hijo no puede completar la asignación en la fecha en que se le da, pídale que trabaje en ella lo másantes posible. Preferimos que su hijo haga el trabajo tarde, en lugar de no hacerlo. Por favor, no envíe trabajos incompletos o en blanco sin una explicación.


     Visite la página de arte de la Sra. Hughes, la página del Sr. Proia para la música y la página de la Sra. Sher-Collazo para la educación física. Si su hijo recibe algún servicio, discurso, OT, PT o ELL, comuníquese con su maestro directamente a través de su página de maestro.

Tengan una buena semana,

Sra. Rice





Monday May 11, 2020 - Friday May 15, 2020

(week #9 of distance learning)


Dear Parents,


      I hope the kids enjoyed the Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day lessons last week. I was so thrilled to see some of you on the live Zoom meeting! I was so happy you could join me! I will try to have a meeting once a week so we can all see and hear each other and share our work.


      I am asking that an adult work with the children on each and every lesson for the remaining of this school year.  I do not expect them to work independently to complete their work. I expect them to be guided. I check all of the submitted work every day and I’m finding many errors such as incomplete sentences, no punctuation or incorrect punctuation, illegible writing, too few or too many dots in math ten frames, and lowercase “I” instead of uppercase “I”. I can see that some students are not working up to their potential and I’m sending a lot of work back to be corrected or for clarification of answer.

Please work with your child and guide them through the lessons. If the writing is sloppy or not legible, it will be sent back to you to be corrected. If the sentences are incomplete or lack punctuation at the end or capital letters at the beginning of the sentence, it will be sent back to you to be corrected.  I don’t like having to send work back to you because then you and I and your child are all doing double the work. Please help them to take the time to complete their work correctly and then check it over before submitting it to me.  Thank you so much.

Finally, Monday’s math lesson has 6 pages to it. DO NOT DO IT ALL ON MONDAY! Do 1 page each day of the week and pages 5 and 6 are for Friday. Also, Wednesday’s science lesson “Sanctuary” has 3 pages to it. DO NOT DO IT ALL ON WEDNESDAY! Do page 1 on Wednesday, page 2 on Thursday, and page 3 on Friday.

      Have a wonderful week and I will let you know when our next Zoom meeting will be. I will most likely try to keep them on Fridays between 11 and 12 each week.

Mrs. Rice



Lunes 11 de Mayo del 2020 - Viernes 15 de Mayo del 2020 

(semana #9 de aprendizaje a distancia) 

Queridos padres, 


        Espero que los niños hayan disfrutado las lecciones del cinco de Mayo y del Dia de las Madres la semana pasada. ¡Estaba tan emocionada de verlos en la reunión de Zoom en vivo! ¡Estaba tan feliz de que pudieras unirte a mi! Intentaré de tener una reunión una vez por semana para que todos podamos vernos, escucharnos y compartir nuestro trabajo. 

                                            *¡MUY IMPORTANTE!* 

         Les pido que un adulto trabaje con los niños en todas y cada unas de las lecciones durante el resto del año escolar. No espero que trabajen independientemente para completar su trabajo. Espero que sean guiados. Reviso todos los trabajos enviado todos los días y encuentro muchos errores, como oraciones incompletas, sin puntuación o puntuación incorrecta, escritura ilegible, muy pocos o demasiados puntos en diez cuadros matemáticos y ¨i¨(yo) en minúscula en lugar de mayúscula ¨I¨(Yo). Puedo ver que algunos estudiantes no están trabajando a su máximo potencial y estoy enviando mucho trabajo para corregirlo o para aclarar la respuesta. 

        Por favor, trabaje con su hijo y guíalo a través de las lecciones. Si la escritura es descuidada o no es legible, se le enviará de vuelta para ser corregida. Si las oraciones están incompletas o carecen de puntuación al final o letras mayúsculas al principio de la oración, se le enviará de vuelta para que se corrija. No me gusta tener que enviarte trabajo porque entonces tú, yo y tu hijo y yo estamos haciendo el doble del trabajo. Por favor, ayúdenos a tomarse el tiempo para completar su trabajo correctamente y luego compruébelo antes de enviármelo a mí. Muchas gracias. 

          Por último, la lección de matemáticas del lunes tiene 6 páginas. ¡NO LO HAGA TODO EL LUNES! Hagan 1 página cada día de la semana y las páginas 5 y 6 son para el viernes. Además, la lección de ciencias del miércoles "Sanctuary" tiene 3 páginas. ¡NO LO HAGA TODO EL Miércoles! Haga la página 1 el miércoles, la página 2 el jueves y la página 3 el viernes. 

         Que tengan una semana maravillosa y les haré saber cuándo será nuestra próxima reunión de Zoom. Lo más probable es que trate de mantenerlos los viernes entre 11 y 12 cada semana. 


Sra. Rice 



Monday May 4, 2020 - Friday May 8, 2020

(week #8 of distance learning)


Dear Parents,

    Mrs.Cohen and I are so excited about how engaged your children have been on Seesaw this past week. We have really enjoyed seeing their work on a daily basis and hearing their voices. Please make sure to look at their work for either written or voice comments and also check their work for errors before submitting it to us. We will continue using Seesaw for the duration of distance learning. We are interested in your feedback regarding this learning platform.

     The assignments will continue to be posted under “assignments” and the lessons can be seen each day on Seesaw. Each lesson will be dated. If you miss any assignments, please complete them at your earliest convenience. It is never too late to submit work.

    Just a reminder to please visit Ms.Hughe’s page for art, Mr.Proia’s page for music and Mrs.Sher-Collazo’s page for physical education. If your child receives any services, speech, OT, PT or ELL please contact their teacher directly via their teacher page.

     Thank you for making this week so successful! We appreciate your continued support and communication. Hope you are staying safe and healthy during this stressful time. 

 *Just a reminder*

 The EPIC BOOKS code is tez3770 if you need it.




Lunes 4 de mayo del 2020 – Viernes 8 de mayo del 2020 

(semana #8 de aprendizaje a distancia) 

  Queridos padres, 

 La señora Cohen y yo estamos muy emocionados por los comprometidos que han estado sus hijos en nuestra página de internet  Seesaw la semana pasada. Realmente hemos disfrutado viendo sus trabajos a diario y escuchando sus voces. Por favor, asegúrese de verificar sus trabajos para comentarios escritos o de voz. También comprobar que sus trabajos no tenga errores antes de enviarlos a nosotros. Seguiremos usando Seesaw durante la extensión del aprendizaje a distancia. Estamos interesados en sus comentarios con respecto a esta plataforma de aprendizaje. 

    Las asignaciones continuarán publicándose en asignaciones (assignments) y las lecciones se pueden ver cada día en Seesaw. Cada lección tiene una fecha. Si se le olvida hacer alguna tarea, asegúrese hacerla completa lo más rápido posible. Nunca es demasiado tarde para enviar su trabajo. 

    Recordatorio por favor visitar la página de la Sra. Hughe, maestra de arte, la página del Sr. Proia para la música y la página de la señora Sher-Collazo para la educación física. Si su hijo recibe algún servicio, OT, PT o ELL, comuníquese con su maestro directamente a través de la página del maestro por Cesar E. Chávez School. 

    ¡Gracias por a ver hecho posible  que esta semana sea tan exitosa! Agradecemos su apoyo continuo. Esperamos que se mantengan seguro y saludable durante este tiempo tan estresante. 

 * EPIC BOOKS* code: tez3770         

Atentamente, Sra. Rice 



*There is a lot to read here today. Please read ALL of it.  It is in both English and Spanish*.

Monday April 27, 2020 to Friday May 1,2020 (this is actually week #7 of distance learning)


Dear Parents,

        Mrs. Cohen and I have been looking at the students’ work as well as taking into account parent feedback and issues with logging into several of the websites. We have been working closely together every day to figure out a way to make things smoother and easier for everyone from this week forward.  So there are big changes (for the better) starting this week.


Seesaw! The reason why we asked you to register/sign up for yet another app (Seesaw) is because ALL of this week’s lessons are on Seesaw. You go to our teacher pages, read our parent letter for the week, sign into Clever, and then sign into Seesaw. Some of the other apps that we have on our Clever pages will be removed completely or moved to a new section of our pages titled “Explore On Your Free Time”.  These are sites that are available for the students to use at any time.

Seesaw is a great site. It allows the students to write and type their answers right on the work as well as record their voice to explain their work. Then they submit it to me all within Seesaw using student friendly icon tools such as a camera to capture their work, “T” to type in answers on the work, a pencil tip for drawing/writing on the work, a microphone to record themselves explaining their work to me, and a check mark to review their work and submit it to me for approval.

When you sign in to Seesaw, you may see what looks like a lot of lessons.  There are 32 lessons assigned to your child. However, please don’t be overwhelmed by this. Those are lessons for the entire week, not just for one day. Mrs. Cohen and I will put the date on each activity so you know which ones to do each day. We understand it will take some time to learn to navigate the site and to learn to use the tools available to write and draw and record on the actual work, use the microphone to record themselves explaining their work, and submit work back to me .

We will no longer be assigning the animal cams, pet/stuffed animal journal, yoga, or art. Instead, Mrs. Cohen and I will be assigning ELA/Reading, ELA/Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies activities. You will have to go to Ms. Hughes’ page for art, Mr. Proia’s page for music, and Mrs. Sher-Collazo’s page for physical education.

We are also in the process of having our weekly parent letter translated into Spanish from this week forward so our non-English speaking parents remain informed and included.

Please continue to provide feedback to us so we can, in turn, help you where we are able to.  We truly appreciate all of the time and effort you have been putting in to your child’s education. It is showing through the work we have received and the sites we can see the students making use of. We know it is not easy and times are still very stressful.  We appreciate your patience, dedication, and commitment to working with us so we can all help the kids be successful and ready for first grade.


*Signing into my teacher page on the school website*

My teacher page, Mrs. Rice’s Kindergarten Class K-2 is at  on the Cesar E. Chavez school website.  On the left side of the page in a maroon rectangle you'll see Home, Photos, Assignments, and Calendar listed. Home is where my parent letter is each Monday.  On the left side click on assignments. That is where you will see the assignments listed for each day of the week color coded by day. 


 *Signing into Clever*

       Below is the link to Clever. This is where your child will find the Seesaw app on the Clever page.  Click the "LDAP" button. Type in your child’s username to log on to Clever: student   The password to log on to Clever is: your child’s birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy)

*Signing into Seesaw with your child’s text code*

  1. Click on the Seesaw app on the Clever page.
  2. Click I’m a student
  3. Enter your child’s text code and then click go (each student has their own text code)
  4. Click on student’s name and then the check in the green circle.
  5. When your child’s assignment is visible, click add response
  6. Double click for a text box to appear so you can press the T on the left side of the page to type in your answers.
  7. Along the bottom of the page, there are also different tools/pens/markers to use to draw your answer.
  8. When you are done giving your answers and your paper is complete, use the microphone to explain your work to me and then click the white check mark in the green circle to submit your completed work to me.

If you have any questions this week feel free to e-mail me. I know it will take some time getting used to this new format. However, I think it will be easier and smoother moving forward. We are all learning together.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Rice


*****In Spanish*****

Lunes 27 de abril de 2020 a viernes 1 de mayo de 2020 (semana #7 de aprendizaje a distancia) 

Queridos Padres, 

              La señora Cohen y yo hemos estado mirando el trabajo de los estudiantes, así como teniendo en cuenta los comentarios de los padres y los problemas con el inicio de sesión en varios de los sitios web. Hemos estado trabajando estrechamente juntas todos los días para encontrar una manera de hacer las cosas más suaves y fáciles para todos a partir de esta semana en adelante. Así que hay grandes cambios (para mejor) a partir de esta semana. 


              ¡Seesaw! La razón por la que te pedimos que te registres/te inscriba para otra aplicación (Seesaw) es porque TODAS las lecciones de esta semana están en Seesaw. Vas a nuestras páginas de maestros, lees nuestra carta de padres para la semana, inicias sesión en Clever y luego inicias sesión en Seesaw. Algunas de las otras aplicaciones que tenemos en nuestras páginas Clever se eliminarán por completo o se moverán a una nueva sección de nuestras páginas titulada “Explore On Your Free Time” (Explorar en su tiempo libre). Estos son sitios que están disponibles para que los estudiantes los usen en cualquier momento. 

              Seesaw es un gran sitio. Permite a los alumnos escribir y teclear sus respuestas directamente en el trabajo, así como grabar su voz para explicar su trabajo. Luego me lo envían todo dentro de Seesaw usando herramientas de icono amigables para estudiantes como una cámara para capturar su trabajo, "T" para escribir respuestas sobre el trabajo, un consejo de lápiz para dibujar / escribir en el trabajo, un micrófono para grabar a sí mismos explicando su trabajo a mí, y una marca de verificación para revisar su trabajo y enviarlo a mí para su aprobación. 

             Cuando inicie sesión en Seesaw, es posible que vea lo que parece un montón de lecciones. Hay 32 lecciones asignadas a su hijo. Sin embargo, por favor no se sienta abrumado por esto. Esas son lecciones para toda la semana, no sólo por un día. Cohen y yo pondremos la fecha en cada actividad para que sepa cuáles hacer cada día. Entendemos que tomará algún tiempo para aprender a navegar por el sitio y aprender a utilizar las herramientas disponibles para escribir y dibujar y grabar en el trabajo real, utilizar el micrófono para grabar a sí mismos explicando su trabajo, y enviar trabajo de nuevo a mí. 

             Ya no asignaremos las cámaras de animales, el diario de mascotas/animales rellenos, el yoga o el arte. En su lugar, la Sra. Cohen y yo asignaremos actividades ela/Lectura, ELA/Escritura, Matemáticas, Ciencias y Estudios Sociales. Tendrá que ir a la página de la Sra. Hughes para el arte, la página del Sr. Proia para la música, y la página de la señora Sher-Collazo para la educación física. 

             También estamos en el proceso de tener nuestra carta semanal de padres traducida al español a partir de esta semana, para nuestros padres que no hablan inglés permanecen informados e incluidos. 

             Por favor, continúe proporcionándonos comentarios para que podamos, a su vez, ayudarle hasta donde podemos. Realmente apreciamos todo el tiempo y el esfuerzo que usted ha estado poniendo en la educación de su hijo. Se está mostrando a través del trabajo que hemos recibido y los sitios que podemos ver a los estudiantes haciendo uso de. Sabemos que no es fácil y los tiempos siguen siendo muy estresantes. Agradecemos su paciencia, dedicación y compromiso para trabajar con nosotros para que todos podamos ayudar a los niños a tener éxito y estar listos para el primer grado. 


*Como iniciar la sesión en mi página de profesor en el sitio web de la escuela*


Mi pagina de maestra, kindergarten de la señora Rice Clase K-2  está en  Cesar E. Chávez pagina de la escuela. En el lado izquierdo de la página en un rectángulo color granate verás Inicio, Fotos, Asignaciones y Calendario listados. El hogar  es donde está mi carta principal cada lunes.  En el lado izquierdo, haga clic en  las asignaciones. Ahí es donde verá las asignaciones enumeradas para cada día de la semana de color codificado por día.  


*Iniciar sesión en Clever*


A continuación, se muestra el enlace a Clever. Aquí es donde su hijo encontrará la aplicación Seesaw en la página Inteligente.  Haga clic en el botón "LDAP". Escriba el nombre de usuario de su hijo para iniciar sesión en Clever: (numero de estudiante)   La contraseña para iniciar sesión en Clever es: fecha de nacimiento de su hijo (mm/dd/aaaa) 


 *Iniciar sesión en Seesaw con el código de texto de su hijo*

  1. Haga clic en la aplicación Seesaw en la página Clever.
  2. Haga clic en Soy estudiante
  3. Ingrese el código de su hijo y luego haga clic en ir (cada estudiante tiene su propio código)
  4. Haga clic en el nombre del estudiante y luego en el check en el círculo verde.
  5. Cuando la asignación de su hijo esté visible, haga clic en Agregar respuesta
  6. Haga doble clic para que aparezca un cuadro de texto para que pueda presionar la T en el lado izquierdo de la página para escribir sus respuestas.
  7. A lo largo de la parte inferior de la página, también hay diferentes herramientas / bolígrafos / marcadores para utilizar para dibujar su respuesta.
  8. Cuando haya terminado de dar sus respuestas y su papel esté completo, utilice el micrófono para explicarme su trabajo y luego haga clic en la marca de verificación blanca en el círculo verde para enviarme su trabajo terminado.

Si tiene alguna pregunta esta semana no dude en enviarme un correo electrónico. Sé que tomará algún tiempo acostumbrarse a este nuevo formato. Sin embargo, creo que será más fácil y más suave avanzar. Todos estamos aprendiendo juntos. 

¡Que tenga una buena semana! 

Sra. Rice 



Monday April 20, 2020 to Friday April 24, 2020 (week #5 of distance learning)

      Welcome to week #5 of distance learning and teaching! We hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and is continuing to stay safe, healthy, and happy. Thank you to those of you who have logged into the school website and have been using Clever to access all of the fun activities we have planned for you. Please make sure to fill out the student log on a weekly basis and send us a picture of it every Friday along with photos of all of your school work.


    This week we will be celebrating Earth Day! Wednesday April 22, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Please have your child listen to the assigned Earth Day books on Epic. We included a lot of interesting Earth Day videos for science. Please have your child look for items in your home that can be recycled and point out the recycle symbol to them. We hope you saved a toilet paper roll to make your very own bird feeder! It is so simple, yet brings so much joy to the kids and animals. Make sure to hang it somewhere you can view it on a regular basis. 

      We have included a fun hands-on math activity for you to make with your child to practice addition. Make sure they record 5 addition problems each day.

This week we will focus on the following sight words - here, the, is, good, he, up, in, his, said, too, can. Please have your child neatly write each word on a separate piece of paper. We hope your child enjoys jumping from sight word to sight word and playing memory.

We have two new zoo webcams this week. Note the Bronx Zoo webcam is only available 10am - 4pm daily. 

 *Specials Classes*

Please make sure to visit Ms.Hughes' page for art lessons, Mr.Proia’s page for music activities, and Mrs. Collazo’s page for physical education exercises. Don't forget that physical education is a mandatory class.

If your child receives speech, ELL, or OT please make sure to reach out to their individual teacher (Mrs. Alexandrou, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, or Mrs. Credendino) and visit their teacher page. 

 Cesar Chavez Virtual Spirit Week!

Monday, April 20: School Pride

Wear Our School Colors and send a picture to me!

 Tuesday, April 21: Sports Day

Wear a jersey from your favorite team or sport and send a picture to me!

 Wednesday, April 22: Rainbow Wreath Day

Create a rainbow using objects from your house and send a picture to me!

 Thursday, April 23: Pet Pride

Take a picture with your pet or favorite stuffed animal and send it to me!

 Friday, April 24: Crazy Hair Day

Wear your craziest hair and send a picture to me!

 Look under the "PHOTOS" section (above the assignments tab) on my teacher page to see photos of your thank you notes to the first responders, your spirit week photos, and a very special message from my dog Casper and I. Go check out our class photo section.

Happy learning! Have a great week!

Mrs. Rice



Mon. April 13, 2020 to Fri. April 17, 2020 (week #4 of distance learning)


Welcome to week #4 of distance learning and teaching! I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend with their families. Parents, you are doing a FANTASTIC job! Kids, you are also doing a FANTASTIC job with your online work as well as your sentences and illustrations!  I am so, so, so proud of you! Keep up the great work!


This week, Mrs. Cohen and I added some new sites, videos, and games. We are starting Splash Learn. The kids will be THRILLED that we added Phonics Man Fortnite Sight Word videos 1, 2, and 3 for reading (you’re welcome, kids), Jack Hartmann videos for math (you’re welcome, kids), Mystery Science and Sci Show Kids on YouTube (we hope you enjoy them), a new art/drawing site Art For Kids Hub in place of Mo Willems (you’ll like it), and some really cool Cosmic Yoga lessons. If you like Alice In Wonderland, Harry Potter, The Twits, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Frozen then check out Cosmic Yoga each day this week!  

Next Wednesday, April 22nd is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Please continue to hold on to your empty egg cartons for a fun new addition game and toilet paper rolls for making a bird feeder. Mrs. Cohen and I would LOVE to see some Happy 50th Earth Day drawings next week. So start thinking this week about what you would like to draw. Your art lessons on Art For Kids Hub this week will help you.

We hope you enjoy this week’s lessons. Parents, check your e-mail for an Easter read aloud story that I made the other day for the kids. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out (just kidding). Please have your child watch it and see if they can spot these 4 things:

  1. A fairy house
  2. Two books
  3. A guest appearance by my dog Casper
  4. Yellow Daffodils


It would make Mrs. Cohen and I so happy to see a video of your child reading a book.  We really miss seeing them.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Rice


Mon. April 6, 2020 to Fri. April 10, 2020 (week #3 of distance learning)


Hello, Everyone.

     I hope everyone is enjoying their time at home with their families. I know I am. I would love to hear about what you have been doing. Which animal cam was your  favorite and why? Have you tried a Cosmic Yoga lesson?  Which one? Which Mo Willems art lesson did you like the best? Please email me a digital picture of your favorite activity you have shared with your family. If you are unable to upload a picture, please draw your own picture, write a sentence or two, and illustrate it. My family has been spending a lot of time outdoors playing in our yard with our dog, Casper.  We have been planting flower seeds, hanging up bird houses, and drawing rainbows for the #Rainbow Hunt. We’ve noticed the buds on the trees and we’ve seen tons of birds!  

      Mrs. Cohen and I would like to thank everyone who has been in contact with us via e-mail. We noticed a few of you have been signing onto CLEVER and EPIC.  Many of you have been reading the assigned books as well as other books that interest you. Please remember to submit your written assignments every Friday. I spy with my little eye…Gioele, Marjorie, Randy, Damian, James, and Darri’el who took a picture of all of their hard work and e-mailed it to me so I could see their work.  Thank you for following directions and doing your schoolwork.  I loved looking at your sentences and illustrations. Also, make sure your name is clearly visible on your work.

Please start saving an empty egg carton and toilet paper rolls for next week’s Earth Day project and a fun, hands-on, addition math game. It is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this year!

     Can you believe this coming Sunday is Easter? I would love for you and your parents to write a short little “love letter” to each other to let each other know what a great job you are both doing (the kids learning from home and the parents teaching from home). Many of this week's lessons focus on Easter. We hope you enjoy the stories we chose for you on EPIC. As always, if you have any questions about signing in to Clever or any of the web pages or clarification about a lesson or activity, we encourage you to e-mail us as many times as you need to. It is never a bother or a problem.

(Mrs. Rice)

(Mrs. Cohen)

       Please know that I am thinking of all of you (parents too) and I am looking forward to Friday to see your work. I hope you are staying safe and helping out around the house. Think of this as a time to reflect and think about all that we are thankful for -friends and family and teachers who love us, pets, food, a home, and of course, technology! This is temporary and will one day end. I look forward to when that day arrives and I can see all of your smiling faces again. I miss you all soooooo much!!!

 Mrs. Rice


March 30, 2020 to April 3, 2020 (week #2 of distance learning)


Hello, Everyone.

      WOOHOO! WE DID IT! We made it through the first week of distance learning together. What a great team we make…parents, teachers, TAs, aides, and of course, the kids!

Mrs. Cohen and I would like to thank everyone who has been in contact with us via e-mail.  We greatly appreciate the concern for ourselves and our families. We are all healthy and staying at home. We hope you are doing the same and that you and your families are well. Please tell the kids we say, “HI!” and we really miss them.

      This week, we decided to lay out the lessons in a more visually appealing, color coded, day by day format just as we do in our plan books. We hope that the lesson layout will be easier to follow. We received a lot of questions this past week about student ID #s, signing onto Clever, and usernames and passwords. As always, if you have any questions about signing in to Clever or any of the web pages or clarification about a lesson or activity, we encourage you to e-mail us.

(Mrs. Rice)

(Mrs. Cohen)

      Mrs. Cohen and I are very happy to see that some of the kids have logged into Clever and have been using EPIC, ABCYA, and other apps. Our goal is to see all of the kids on Clever using the apps at some point during each day.


*New For This Week*

*We would like to see the students’ hardcopy work such as their handwritten sentences and illustrations from watching the animal web cams, the stuffed animal/pet journal, science experiments, and any art they did with Mo Willems.  We are asking that each Friday, starting this Friday April 3rd, the students’ e-mail us a clear picture of their work. Please make sure their name is clearly visible.

* There is a Mystery Science video and hands-on experiment this week on Monday and Wednesday and a Brain Pop Jr. Spring video on Friday. Also on Friday, we are asking that the students write three sentences about something they did this week with a stuffed animal or a pet and illustrate just as they do in Mrs. Rice’s class with Honey Bear, Rosie, and Puppy Pete and in Mrs. Cohen’s class with Felix the bunny.

* Yoga is optional, but we thought we would include it to help some of the kids relax and focus before beginning work just like we do in the classroom usually after we come back in from recess.

*It would be very helpful for us to know who has a printer at home that they can use to print out work in the future. Sometimes we will have a worksheet or two that we would like to have the kids print out and physically work on (tracing, writing, cutting, or coloring).

We can’t wait to see the kids’ sentences and drawings each Friday. Please let us know if you need absolutely anything. Have a great week and have fun learning!  

Mrs. Cohen and Mrs. Rice





 March 23, 2020 to March 27, 2020 (week #1 of distance learning)


I will be available via e-mail to answer any questions or provide clarification Mon.-Fri. from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.



Hi, everybody!  I hope you are all happy and well and staying safe. Please tell the kids that I really, really miss them so much and I look forward to seeing them again hopefully soon. They have made such nice progress this year. I would love to hear or see what the kids have been doing while at home from school. Feel free to e-mail me any drawings, photos, stories, projects, or videos so that we can still feel connected.


You will find the students' weekly assignments under the "assignments" tab on the left side of this page.  After clicking on "assignments", click the month drop down menu and choose March.  Then click the year drop down menu and choose 2020. Then click "filter". The assignment title will appear.

On Clever, you will find all of our favorite websites from the classroom, streaming zoo and aquarium web cams, and YouTube pages that we love.

Please continue to work on the hard copy packets that Mrs. Cohen and I made for the kids.

Have fun and make sure you get enough fresh air and physical activity as well! Don't forget that this is new for all of us and we have been thrown into it.  Our daily lives and schedules have been greatly impacted and disrupted. The kids need patience, understanding, and reassurance as do the parents and teachers. So let's be patient with each other during this time. Let's work together for the kids, and we will all be fine when this is over.  You're doing a great job! Keep it up!

Stay well,

Mrs. Rice