Welcome to Physical Education

  • Mid-Year Update:

    Welcome to my mid-year update. Some students have been coming back to school in person and some students have chosen to still learn from home. Both options are perfectly fine. Please know that students can still participate in physical activity weekly as I add new assignments to my page every week.  As a reminder, when I am teaching in the building, please visit my website and click on gym activities. During the time I am in the building, there are no live meetings on teams. If I have to teach from home, then there will be a live meeting, which students will be able to find under calendar tab on Microsoft Teams during their scheduled gym time. Students can do the new activities or go down the list and choose some old ones from a different category. We have dance, yoga, kickboxing, hiit and tabata and more. Check it out and have fun.

    These activties are for students in 1st-6th grade. Students in Pre-K and Kindergarten can go to See-Saw and do their weekly assignment during their scheduled gym time. Students in grades 7th and 8th are still doing their weekly assignment posted under the assingments tab on Microsoft Teams.As a reminder no weekly meeting for middle school unless I am teaching from home.  Please do at least 30 minutes of activity a week.

  • September 2020

    Welcome back everyone! For those of you that don't know me, I am Mrs. Collazo. I hope you all enjoyed your summer, and stayed safe and physically active. The 2020-2021 school year is starting off differently this year as we are all remote for at least the first month. I will do my best to help each of you as this is a learning process for all. The formats for learning that we will be using are Microsoft Teams, and my teacher page. Pre-K & kindergarten will be using Seesaw. If you have any questions you can reach me at the email listed above, or the chat option on Microsoft Teams. Remember we are all in this together. Stay safe! ~ Mrs. Collazo