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Mrs. Cohen

March 30, 2020 to April 3, 2020 (week #2 of distance learning)


Hello, Everyone.

      WOOHOO! WE DID IT! We made it through the first week of distance learning together. What a great team we make…parents, teachers, TAs, aides, and of course, the kids!

Mrs. Rice, Ms.Brody, Mrs.Hernandez and I would like to thank everyone who has been in contact with us via e-mail.  We greatly appreciate the concern for ourselves and our families. We are all healthy and staying at home. We hope you are doing the same and that you and your families are well. Please tell the kids we say, “HI!” and we really miss them.

      This week, we decided to lay out the lessons in a more visually appealing, color coded, day by day format just as we do in our plan books. We hope that the lesson layout will be easier to follow. We received a lot of questions this past week about student ID #s, signing onto Clever, and usernames and passwords. As always, if you have any questions about signing in to Clever or any of the web pages or clarification about a lesson or activity, we encourage you to e-mail us.Please make sure to click on the assignment link to the left for this weeks schedule.

(Mrs. Rice)

(Mrs. Cohen)



      We are very happy to see that some of the kids have logged into Clever and have been using EPIC, ABCYA, and other apps. Our goal is to see all of the kids on Clever using the apps at some point during each day.


*New For This Week*

*We would like to see the students’ hardcopy work such as their handwritten sentences and illustrations from watching the animal web cams, the stuffed animal/pet journal, science experiments, and any art they did with Mo Willems.  We are asking that each Friday, starting this Friday April 3rd, the students’ e-mail us a clear picture of their work. Please make sure their name is clearly visible.

* There is a Mystery Science video and hands-on experiment this week on Monday and Wednesday and a Brain Pop Jr. Spring video on Friday. Also on Friday, we are asking that the students write three sentences about something they did this week with a stuffed animal or a pet and illustrate just as they do in Mrs. Rice’s class with Honey Bear, Rosie, and Puppy Pete and in Mrs. Cohen’s class with Felix the bunny.

* Yoga is optional, but we thought we would include it to help some of the kids relax and focus before beginning work just like we do in the classroom usually after we come back in from recess.

*It would be very helpful for us to know who has a printer at home that they can use to print out work in the future. Sometimes we will have a worksheet or two that we would like to have the kids print out and physically work on (tracing, writing, cutting, or coloring).

We can’t wait to see the kids’ sentences and drawings each Friday. Please let us know if you need absolutely anything. Have a great week and have fun learning!  

Mrs. Cohen, Ms.Brody, Mrs.Hernandez and Mrs. Rice