Mr. Andreassi - 9th and 11th IB English

  • Emerson  



    While we navigate these unchartered waters, this will be the site that directs you to our our distance learning community.  

    1) Assignments and readings will be posted on -


    Password (class code) for all 9th grade classes is:       andreassi2 

    Password (class code) for all 11th grade classes is:     andreassi1 


    2) We will be meeting virtually on Microsoft Teams for our classes

    3) Turnitin will be used to submit assignments to ensure academic integrity: 

    Password for all classes is: succeed 

    Here are the Class IDs:

    Period 2: 26289959 (IB English 11)

    Period 4: 26290027 (English 9)

    Period 5: 26290068 (English 9)

    Period 7: 26290101 (English 9)

    Period 8: 26290127 (IB English 11)