6th Grade Expectations

  • 6th Grade

     Grading Policies

    Homework and class work: In general, homework and class work assignments will receive a grade using the scale below.

    ** Late Homework: If an assignment is not handed in at the time it is due to be collected or reviewed, it is considered late. **

    Test: Tests are a major part of your grade! Study Study Study!

    Quizzes: Quizzes will be given and can help bring your grade up.

    Projects: Some of your assignments will be projects. Each of these will count as if it were a test and therefore will also be a major part of your grade. Projects will be graded using the scale  below and rubrics.

    ** Projects that are turned in late will lose five points for everyday they are past due. After three days, they will not be accepted!**

    No name on papers: No name, no credit! Take pride in the work you do. It is your responsibility to hand in completed, neat and clearly labeled assignments; this includes your name, the date, and a heading for the assignment.

    Absences: Attendance is extremely important! Please make every attempt to make it to school every day. If you are aware that you will be absent, ask for make-up work before leaving school. This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed when you return to school. Make-up work is YOUR responsibility!

    Grading Policy 

    Tests                                                                       25%

    Homework and class work                                25%

    Class participation                                              20%

    Projects                                                                   15%

    Quizzes                                                                    15%

                                                                     Total =   100%        

    Assessments, writing, and projects will be scored according to their respective rubrics and based on grading scale below:

    90%-100%                                                               A

    80%-89%                                                                 B                                       

    70%-79%                                                                 C                                      

    65%-69%                                                                 D                                               

    64% and below                                                      F                                                                                                                                                                                              


  • Homework Expectations!

    1. Homework is to be completed on loose-leaf paper.
    2. Include the heading (your name, teacher's name, date, assignment name, and your number on the top right hand corner).
    3. All assigned problems must be completed.
    4. Always try your best and put your best effort into your homework.
    5. You do not need to copy the questions, answers only.
    6. Be sure to show your work, explain your work when you are asked to, answer all parts, and provide all of the required information.
    7. Be sure to label questions clearly and write neatly.