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    N-Gen Math™ 6

    In this course students expand their ability to work with the numbers by using operations with multi-digit numbers, working with fractions, including dividing two fractions, working with decimals, and an introduction to negative numbers. Students work extensively with ratios including equivalent ratios, unit rates, and percentages. Work with algebra includes variables, equivalent expressions, one-step equations, and simple inequalities. Students use area, surface area, and volume to model real world problems with geometry.

    Statistics has students concentrate on understanding how to answer statistical questions by using data distributions, measures of center, and simple measures of variation, such as the range. Probability work connects the measurement of chance with previous fraction and percent work. This course is aligned to the New York State Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards.


    • Unit 1 – The Whole Numbers
    • Unit 2 – Fractions
    • Unit 3 – Decimals
    • Unit 4 – Negative Numbers
    • Unit 5 – Algebraic Expressions
    • Unit 6 – Equations and Inequalities
    • Unit 7 – Ratios and Rates
    • Unit 8 – Percent
    • Unit 9 – Area
    • Unit 10 – Solids
    • Unit 11 – Statistics
    • Unit 12 – Probability