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    Hello to all of my 6th grade friends! I hope you are all safe and healthy. Please try your best to complete the assigned tasks, please keep your brains working, and please engage in some learning every day. If you have ANY questions at all, you can e-mail me at kdelossantos@yonkerspublicschools.org, send me a message on class dojo, or contact me on the Google Classroom. 

    - The Yonkers Public Schools District has also provided many learning resources that are available to you on clever. You can visit those at any time, but we ask that you complete what is assigned. 

    - I will be posting assignments on Khan Academy and Google Classroom everyday. I will be monitoring and grading the assigned tasks. Remember to engage in some learning every day. 

    - I am very understanding of the fact that some of you may not have access to some of the assignments and resources provided here. I will try to help you as best as I can, just reach out to me please.

    **Make sure you are staying engaged in some art and some physical activity as well!**