Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Daniel A. Sabol

Dr. Daniel A. Sabol joined the Yonkers Public Schools as a Library Media Specialist after working in higher education for many years. Dr. Sabol began his library career at 14 as he worked as a page in a local public library. He started as a public educator at Riverside High School in Yonkers, NY and decided to venture into elementary library service. He now serves 5 elementary school libraries with the Yonkers Public Schools. Dr. Sabol enjoys sharing his love of reading and learning with his students. He is passionate about computer science, technology, STEM, STEAM, and STREAM and finds it especially fun to teach all the grade levels scientific information.  He strives to provide interesting books to support the curriculum and students’ reading needs. Dr. Sabol believes that reading widely for research and pleasure is a great way to expand one’s horizons. His goal is to create life-long readers and learners. He obtained his Doctoral degree in Computer Science from Pace University in addition to a Masters’ degree in Cyber Security and Networks. Dr. Sabol obtained a Master of Library and Information Science from Long Island University where he is now enrolled in the Doctor of Education in leadership and Innovation program. His research passion is student learning, innovation, motivation, library services, and computer science. He has published in various journals and provides presentations often. He was awarded the honorable Laura Bush book grant in library science in 2022 amongst other awards.  It is no surprise that in his spare time Dr. Sabol likes to read, tutor, and teach students about STREAM. Dr. Sabol loves spending time with his twin daughters, and wife Amy.  They have a dog named Bailey, a hamster named Hammy and a parakeet named Keko.