School 16 Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

  • School 16 is thrilled to announce the creation of its first ever Parent Advisory Committee! Parent Advisory Committees (PAC), sometimes called Parent Advocate Committees, are made up of volunteer parents who represent the interests of the school community and provide a valuable bridge between the school and the families it serves. PACs have five major responsibilities or pillars in which they contribute to the overall school community. They are:

    1. Communicating with the school administration
    2. Organizing parent involvement activities
    3. Advocating for student needs
    4. Providing input on school policies and procedures
    5. Promoting a positive school culture

    Together, we can work together for a brighter future for our school, and for our students!


    Now Accepting Applications for the 2023-2024 & 2024-2025 School Year!



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