• Of Mice and Men Vocabulary 

    (Chapter 1) 

    1.Junctures (1) (n.)--the lines or points at which two things are joined 

    2.Debris (1) (n.)--scattered, broken pieces

    3.Mottled (1) (adj.)--marked or patterned with irregular patches of colors

    4.Recumbent (1) (adj.)--lying down

    5.Stilted (2) (adj.)--stiff speech or behavior;  artificially formal

    6.Morosely (4) (adv.)--gloomily

    7.Droned (6) (vb.)--made a low humming noise; spoke monotonously

    8.Brusquely (8) (adv.) --rudely brief; curt

    9.Anguished (11) (adj.)--having/showing severe physical/mental pain 

    (Chapter 2) 

    11.Scoff (17) (vb.)--jeer; speak contemptuously 

    12.Skeptically (19) (adv.) --disbelievingly; doubtingly; questioningly 

    13.Mollified (24) (vb.)--to soothe 

    14.Pugnacious (25) (adj.)--eager to fight; aggressive

    15.Gingerly (25) (adv.)--cautiously 

    16.Ominously (27) (adv.)--foreboding of something bad/evil

    17.Derogatory (27) (adj.)--negative; belittling

    18.Tart (28) (n.)-- a young woman of immoral character 

    19.Flounced (29) (vb.)--to move in a bouncing manner

    20.Plaintively (29) (adv.)--expressive of suffering or woe 

    21.Apprehensive (32) (adj.)--feeling anxious or fearful about a possible danger

    22.Complacently (34) adv.)--a smug sense of satisfaction about oneself or one’s lot in life

    23.Grizzled (34) (adj.)--grey-haired 


    (Chapter 3) 

    24.Derision (38) (n.)--scorn; ridicule 

    25.Raptly (58) (adv.) --very intently; focused  

    26.Reprehensible (59) (adj.)--deserving rebuke or condemnation for an offense 

    27.Bemused (60) (adj.) (vb.)--to bewilder or confuse

    28.Wryly (64) (adv.)--mockingly; drily

    (Chapter 4) 

    29.Aloof (adj.) (p.67)—cool, unconcerned, and unfriendly 

    30.Meager (adj.) (p.67)—small in amount 

    31.Fawning (vb.) (p. 68)—to court favor by flattering or being overly attentive 

    32.Scowl (vb., n.) (p.68)—an angry frown 

    33.Disarming (vb.) (p.69)—to make harmless, peaceable, or friendly 

    34.Indignation (n.) (p.78)—anger aroused by injustice 

    35.Sullenness (n.) (p.78)—gloominess; bad temper 

    36.Averted (vb.) (p.81)—turned away 

    37.Appraised (vb.) p.81)—studied; estimated quality or value 

    38.Crestfallen (adj.) (p.83)—downcast; disappointed at failure 

    (Chapter 5) 

    39.Woe (n.) (p.87)—sorrow; distress 

    40.Bewildered (adj. (p.91)---very puzzled; thoroughly confused 

    (Chapter 6) 

    41.Belligerently (adv.) (p.102)—aggressively; in a war-like manner 

    42.Woodenly (adv.) (p.103)—stiffly, with no expression