Welcome To An Exciting Year Of Physical Education At Robert C. Dodson !

  • Dear Parents:

    On the day your child has P.E., our district program of physical education emphasizes vigorous activity for the development of physical fitness.  This physical education model allows children to progress and achieve at their own rate by presenting skills in a logical and sequential order. Developing positive attitudes towards a lifetime of activity is the focus of our curriculum.

    WHAT TO WEAR?                                                                           .

    For their safety, and to enable students to participate to the best of their ability, please help your child choose the proper attire for physical education activities. Students should dress in weather appropriate clothing. Keep in mind, P.E. is not always taught inside.

    Moreover, if your daughter would like to wear a dress on a P.E. day, please remind her to also put on a pair of shorts.   

    For safety reasons, children should wear athletic shoes on P.E. days.  Sandals, boots, and stylish high-heel sneakers, are inappropriate, for they could be hazardous to your child’s safety.


    All students are expected to participate in P.E. activities to the best of their ability. If for any medical reason, you child is not able to participate in P.E., please send a note from a doctor. Include the following: child’s name, reason and duration of excuse. Your child could bring a book or homework while sitting out.

    Healthfully yours,

    D.J. Calhoun

    P.E. Teacher