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Mrs. Lyons

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Mrs. Maureen Lyons

Hello My Dodson Math Students......  

Welcome back!  I hope you all are safe and enjoyed your summer vacation!  This school year will definitely be interesting!  I am planning on posting the assignments  on Microsoft Teams.    YOU MUST DO ASSIGNMENTS THROUGH MICROSOFT TEAMS .......THIS IS THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL GET CREDIT!

Plan for weekly assessments .... some will be done digitally on DeltaMath and some will be done in class on paper and pencil! 

Power School Access 

I will be following the math curriculum eMathInstruction for both 7th and 8th Grade and Algebra.  There will be both pdf's and videos of each lesson that you can look at if you go to emathinstruction website.  If you miss class - due to illness, it is very easy to keep up with missed lessons by going to this emath website.  Please be responsible and keep yourself informed.   This will be very easy to follow along...... just need you to be committed and have a little patience!  We can do this!!!

Grading Criteria:

Grades will be calculated using Power School. The Middle School Grading policy will include the following: 

1. Tests, Quizzes, Projects

2. Participation

3. Homework

4. Classwork and effort

5. Attendance 


For more details click on "Class Expectaions" (left drop down)

Any Questions ..... my email ....

Dodson Phone: 914-376-8159

Mrs. Lyons