• Class remote expectations.                                                                                         

    1. Camaera will be on at all times.                                                                             

    2. You will be ready sitting at a table, desk etc.                                                           

    3. You will have all books, notebooks, with you and ready

    4. You will mute yourself and raise the hand button to ask questions.

    5. If you need to go to the bathroom dont ask, go and return as quick as possible.

    6. NO eating while in class

    7. NO interupting classmates.

    8. NO sidde chats with other students.

    9. Turn off all distractions.( TV, Radio, phones, video games, etc...)

  • Attendance is MANDATORY everyday for all lessons.

    All assignments, participation and homework will be graded and expected to be completed. All scores will be posted to Power School and count towards the report card.


    If you are absent for ANY reason: (doctor, mom's work, ill) then

    ALL work must be completed as soon as possible.

    Grades will be marked as a zero until they are completed.

    Parent email needed to excuse the absence and have the grade removed and changed.

    ANY LATE work submitted on teams/forms etc. will be 10 pts off.

    Email from parent to verify any and all equipment problems. ( no wifi, laptop broke etc..)