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Dr. Steven Paullay


  • Optional Memorial Day Assignment

    Please copy and paste the link below


     This assignment is completely voluntary. It does not count towards your grade and can not be used for extra credit.


    As of April 1, 2020  students in US History will complete readings, videos, quizzes and exams in Khan Academy.


    US Students should login to Khan Academy through their Clever account to view assignments.

    • 1. Sign on to your Clever.com account.

      If you forgot their password, you can still access Clever and all other online resources by using your 8 digit date of birth as your password. 
      User name: 6 digit student ID number@yonkerspublicschools.org
      Password: 8 digit date of birth (ex: 03172020)

      2. Search for my class and click Khan Academy icon.

      This brings you to Khan Academy. Your Clever account should automatically log you into Khan Academy so you don't have to make a new account.

      3. Assignments and due dates will be posted in "My Courses" under assignments.


    Students & Parents: I will be using remind to communicate many of my assignment. Assignments in Khan Academy (for US History only) will be posted on the Khan Academy websight. Students are responsible for checking the websight daily. 


    Mr. Paullay's Remind Codes:

    Period 2 Constitutional Law: @a8ag2gc

    Period 4 US History: @28dd68

    Period 6 Constitutional Law: @8c66a3

    Period 8 US History: @89h3ae

    Period 9 US History: @ 8ec3373


    Available 11:30 -3:00 Monday through Friday


    To make sure I get your assignments I’m going to ask you to hand them in via google classroom instead of email.

    Period 2 Code is v3lc226

    Period 4 Code is kiceyju

    Period 6 Code is 6e5p6gv

    Period 8 Code is f2ajjqi

    Period 9 Code is  sjc4sa4

    In case you don't know how to get on Google Classroom. This is a good tutorial.