English Teacher, Room 317. Courses English 10 and English 11

Mrs. Catherine Gallucci



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Catherine Gallucci

This is my 26th year at Saunders High School and my 29th year as a high school English teacher.   When I began at Saunders HS, I worked with grades 9 and 10 and subsequently moved onto grades 11 and 12.  For over a decade, I taught the Grade 12 college link program, a collaboration between Saunders and Mercy and Iona College.  I have worked with grades 10 and 11 since then.

 I love to read and to find relevant and provocative stories for my students.  Another passion of mine is film; I even studied film as an undergrad in college.  Movies tell stories in a visual way, and I have always been drawn to storytelling.  I look forward to working with my students again this year, both virtually and in-person.  Let's brace ourselves for the road ahead; we are in this together.

  These are the links to get onto Microsoft Teams for your class:

Period 1- (7:45-8:30 am)-English 10        CLICK Blue Link      https://teams.microsoft.com/l/team/19%3adfa07ea9136c41b9baaa804ec66763c9%40thread.tacv2/conversations?groupId=d4a0976e-4f12-4daa-83e1-79cbc64c5a04&tenantId=9f256e05-cd04-4e8a-a28b-11b2324a97d4


Period 2- (8:30-9:15 am)-English 10        CLICK Blue Link      https://teams.microsoft.com/l/team/19%3a5379c8c6ec6f499aba8994d8ae0f9477%40thread.tacv2/conversations?groupId=13e57741-643f-4928-a0cc-4f2115719613&tenantId=9f256e05-cd04-4e8a-a28b-11b2324a97d4


Period 5- (10:45-11:21 am)- English 11   CLICK Blue Link      https://teams.microsoft.com/l/team/19%3aeca55f7d51574c9fb76c23f78f92f352%40thread.tacv2/conversations?groupId=18f1df33-fd42-43d8-b8b5-d5d7b3c007e2&tenantId=9f256e05-cd04-4e8a-a28b-11b2324a97d4


Period 7- (12:15-12:51 pm)-English 11    CLICK Blue Link     https://teams.microsoft.com/l/team/19%3a83d7b10d92f64225b2db92f7379dbef0%40thread.tacv2/conversations?groupId=5dfcc570-bf55-4a30-b22b-7461ddb2f650&tenantId=9f256e05-cd04-4e8a-a28b-11b2324a97d4


Period 8- (1:00-1:36 pm)-English 11     CLICK Blue Link   


I will be using Microsoft Teams for attendance and synchonous instruction. I will also use Nearpod for both synchronous and asynchronous instruction.


  • Summer Reading is due on Monday, September 14th for ALL English classes!

    Grade 10 assignment is  Elon Musk or Misty Copeland (see Saunders website for assignmnent details) Grade 11 is the novel Internment. (see SHS website for details)--This will be an exam grade with a supplemental task (I will discuss this during our first day's session on Tues. September 8.  Follow the NEW distance learning schedule.


     New Distance Learning Schedule

    Virtual Learning