To my Calculus 1, Precalculus, and Algebra 2 students:

  • 05/21 -- As a learning community, we have traditionally honored at our schools those who we have lost in war. Yonkers’ military history is very rich, with men and women serving in every war since the American Revolution. Monuments throughout the city commemorate the acts of heroism of those who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice.

    To commemorate Memorial Day through Distance Learning districtwide, please complete the following assignment that is due on Tuesday, May 26.

    Memorial Day ProjectCreate a memorial to honor those who were lost in war. Your memorial should include: 

    • Information about the event 
    • A drawing or picture of the memorial (either hand-drawn or computer generated) 

    The Memorial Day Project may honor those who have died in any of the wars that Americans were a part of from the Civil War through to today. As Yonkers is rich in its military involvement and has many monuments dedicated to those who have lost their lives fighting for freedom, students may wish to connect this project to our own city.  This link,, contains some photographs that you may like use.  Or you can choose or create your own memorial!  

    Enjoy the holiday weekend!

    Continue to miss all of you,

    Ms. Fellini   


    04/21 -- Algebra 2 (ONLY) -- as we enter 4th quarter, we will begin to review the many concepts you have learned this year in Algebra 2.  You will be assigned 2 sets of videos/quizzes on and your work with be due on Thursday and Friday each week, according to the deadlines indicated on the assignment.  You are encouraged to reach out to me on Remind regarding any questions you may have on the concepts and I will set up a Zoom session at 11:00am to assist you.  These sessions will be open to all students.  Additionally, I will be closely monitoring your progress on the assignments and will reach out to you either individually, or as a class, based on these results.  Late work will not be accepted as you will be given ample time to complete your assignments.  Please plan your time wisely – it’s great preparation for college, as well as the real world.  My dedicated time to you remains 11:00am-12:15pm, although as you know, I respond to Remind messages 24/7. 

    Miss you all!

    Ms. Fellini


    04/16 -- We are continuing to meet daily using Zoom for our online learning experience; all students should use the appropriate Zoom codes to login according to this schedule:       

                                                   Calculus 1                        Precalculus                      Algebra 2

    Class time:                     8:00am-8:45am               9:30am-10:15am             11:00am-11:45am

    Extra-help:                    8:45am-9:15am               10:15am-10:45am           11:45am-12:15pm

    As indicated, there is a built-in 1/2 hour for you to remain after instruction is completed; during this 1/2 hour, I provide extra-help as needed.  While not mandatory, please use this time wisely and frequently to help you close the gaps in your understanding. The more prepared you are to move on in your math education, the easier your subsequent math courses will be. Several of you will be beginning your first year of college in the fall, and this is an opportunity for you ensure you are ready and able to make your start a successful one!  Of course, the same applies to those of you who will be moving on to your next level of mathematics at Saunders.

    Additionally, you will continue to receive daily homework, which should completed and graded using provided answer keys.  At the start of class each morning, you have the opportunity to ask me to explain any material that is unclear to you.  Please complete your homework and get your questions answered!  Your independent work is as critical to your understanding as your attendance in class each day.

    All correspondence will continue using the Remind app.  New downloads (including notes and homework) are available there. As you all know, you can text me on Remind if/when you have a question regarding your participation, grades, etc.  As you also know, my hours of operation have been 24/7.  We tend to have our most productive administrative conversations after 10pm.  As your teacher, I want to thank you for your help and assistance - you've worked alongside me to ensure your material is posted correctly, zoom codes are working properly, and in several other ways that have made this learning experience as seamless and meaningful as possible. 

    Finally, in addition to tests and homework, you will continue using the app to view assigned videos and take graded quizzes each week. It makes me happy when I hear that you are enjoying your assignments there, and overall, I have been pleased with the results I see on the downloadable gradesheets that I use to track your progress!

    In closing, I want to thank you again for partnering with me as together we will get through this sometimes challenging, online learning experience.  Please continue to participate fully in your math education as it's a great opportunity to learn self-discipline as it relates to remote learning.  I am so proud of you!

    Ms. Fellini




    03/20 -- Today on Remind you received the schedule below for our online learning experience using Zoom, along with some additional details about your course.  You will receive the Zoom code for your course on 03/22.  Looking forward to seeing you again!  I miss you.

    Calculus 1:  8:00 – 9:15 am

    Precalculus:  9:30 – 10:45 am

    Algebra 2:  11:00 – 12:15 pm

    03/14 -- As we know, these are unprecedented times, for you, as students, and me, as your teacher.  I have developed outlines using our notes and homework assignments to guide us through the long-term closure of our schools.  I understand the difficulty this poses as two key components, my direct instruction and your ability to ask questions live, are missing.  I will be sharing links to online videos that may help with the direct instruction.  You are also welcome to share any links you find particularly helpful - in order for us to make this closure productive, we must work together.  To that end, on Thursday, 03/12, we successfully created 5 class groups using the Remind app, one for each of my 5 classes.  As of today, I have connected with 90% of you.  Regarding the remaining 10%, 5 of you were absent on 03/12, and 4 of you said you were going to join by 03/13.  I will be reaching out to the 9 of you shortly.  Please note, if the Remind app is inaccessible to anyone, just email me at and I will make sure you are linked in by some other means.  Additionally, the class notes and homework assignments will be available to you in hard copy in Saunders' main office. 

    Moving forward, the Remind app will serve as the platform for my communication with you - there I will provide specific instructions for each course (Calculus 1, Precalculus and Algebra 2), outlines, downloads (including notes and homework), video links, office hours, due dates, and other information, as needed.

    Please remember that we are in this together.  In addition to my office hours when I can certainly help you, keep in mind that if you are able to help a fellow classmate or friend, it would be both beneficial and appreciated.

    Stay safe and stay healthy.  I will miss you.

    Ms. Fellini

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