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Ms. Michelle Perl (Brown)



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Ms. Michelle Perl (Brown)


Check your class on a DAILY BASIS

All work will be assigned through GOOGLE CLASSROOM with due dates

All work will be submitted through GOOGLE CLASSROOM. The student MUST "Turn it In"

Work is to be "turned in" by the end of the school day

(normally 2:39, lets call it 2:45pm) unless otherwise instructed.

Sign up with your class CODE 

Sign up NOW! Google Classroom CODES: Arch-10 AM: hzeu7jb  SOM-12: wzxkq47  Arch-10 PM: kxdvs3s Arch-9B: nont6y2


REMIND will be used for communication only.

DO NOT send any work on REMIND.

Please feel free to message me on REMIND with questions or clarification on assignments.

To get on REMIND: Send message to 81010

The REMIND Codes to send for each class:

9th Grade Architecture - @g62hd7h

10th Grade Architecture - @887k4e

12th Grade Strength of Materials - @9736fh


9th grade: Arch. Line types Definitions & images List work is due Tuesday 3/24 No later than 2:30pm

9th grade: Architecture Acrostic Poem due Friday 4/3 No later than 2:30pm

9th grade: Mortar Joints/masonry research Handout due Wednesday 4/1 No later than 2:39pm

10th grade: Masonry Definitions & Images List work is due Wednesday 3/25 No later than 2:30pm

10th grade: Masonry Review Packet for TEST due Monday 3/30 No later than 2:30pm

12th Grade: Centroids HW 1,2,3,4 due Monday 3/23 No later than 2pm

12th Grade: Centroids HW 5 due Wed. 3/25 No later than 2:30pm

12th Grade: Centroids HW 7 due Fri. 3/27 No later than 2:30pm



  • Students:

    Please click on the ASSIGNMENTS tab to the left to see posted assignments. 

STUDENTS: All CAD students can download the student version of AutoCAD for Free. Follow the link below, and make sure you sign up with your YPS E-MAIL ADDRESS (6 digit ID@yonkerspublicschools.org)

You will need to VERIFY your email address. Check your school email (Main Page ->Distance Learning -> Login to Email) and click the link sent from AutoCAD.

How to convert DWG files to PDF