English-ELA Grades 10 and 11

  • Literature and Writing As your teacher, I expect you to be engaged, to try your best, and to demonstrate consistent effort and responsibility.  Ask questions, seek clarification, follow up and get involved in the learning process.  Check on your progress weekly by logging into PowerSchool and reviewing your scores and grades.  Lastly, aim for improvement each marking period; don't grow complacent/don't settle for less.  The attached is my grading policy for ALL CLASSES. Graded classwork = 10%, Homework = 15%, Exams=20%, Projects=25%, Attendance = 15%, Preparation/Engagement and Conduct=15%


    Necessary class supplies:  A standard 8 1/2 X 11" spiral notebook OR binder; a 2-pocket folder for all handouts, colored pens, pencils, correction fluid, highlighters for annotating, an active YPS email.  Please come to class prepared to learn and to be actively involved in the lesson.  I urge you to carry all necessary supplies to class on a daily basis, and when books/workbooks are distributed, please bring them to class as directed.


    The following are ALL of the digital platforms I use with my classes:


    Microsoft Teams


    Blackboard (Teacher page on SHS website)

    PowerPoint for lessons and notes