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Microsoft Teams Full Teacher & Support Staff Guide

Microsoft Teams Teacher & Staff Guide - on iPhone / Mobile / IOS

Part 1: Getting Started With Teams

Part 2: Professional Learning Communities

Part 3: Manage Teacher Workflow in Microsoft Teams

Part 4: How to Create an Assignment on Microsoft Teams

Part 5: How to Host an Online Class Meeting with Microsoft Teams

Troubleshooting: Have Students Wait in The Lobby

Troubleshooting: Prevent Students From Muting and Removing

Troubleshooting: Sharing a PowerPoint in Teams

Troubleshooting: How to Create and Grade Assignments in Teams

Troubleshooting: How to Use Teams on iPhones & Android

Troubleshooting: How to Host a Microsoft Teams Live Event

Troubleshooting: How to use the Breakout Rooms

Troubleshooting: How to use Together Mode & other new features in Microsoft Teams

Troubleshooting: How to Edit a PDF

Troubleshooting: How to use Microsoft Forms to Create Surveys & Quizzes

Troubleshooting: How to use OneNote Class Notebook in Microsoft Teams

New Features on Teams (December 2020)

How to Create A Quiz in Teams

How to Create a Poll in Teams

Using Whiteboard in Teams