summer assignments


    The school year is over and the last thing on your mind is more class work. As you know the entire staff take great pride in you being a Saunders student and we want you to be your best even during the summer.

    While your summer may be filled with work, internships, vacations or just enjoying the hot weather with family and friends, I don’t want you to get rusty and forget about school.

    On this page you will find required summer assignments for almost all academic classes. Most of the assignments are brief, and some are longer but you can take your time and research the answers. Remember the teachers want you prepared for the first day of school. 

    This is how it works………you must complete an assignment for each class you will going into next year. For example: If you are a 9th grader going into 10 grade you will complete all assignments associated with 10th grade. If you took Biology this year and will be taking Earth Science next year you will complete the Earth Science assignment. If you took US History this year you will complete the Eco/Govt. assignment, and you took Algebra you will complete the Geometry assignment. This goes for every student rising to the next grade…….I think you get the picture!

    When you come back to school you will have completed your first assignment for credit. And no matter who you have for a teacher, each one will be collecting, reviewing and grading the same assignment!

    I wish you all a terrific summer vacation and look forward to seeing everyone back at Saunders in September. 

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