All summer assignments will be due the first week of school. These assignments will be graded and will be reviewed or presented live in person in September!

  • Click HERE to view Summer Assignments PDF. 


    Grades 10, 11, & 12 - Textile Science Work

    Complete the assigned Textile Science chapter readings on Natural and Manufactured fibers. 

    Complete study questions 1-10 (page 62) and must be submited typed on a word-processor. Hand written assignments will not be accepted. 

    Click HERE to view PDF. 


    Grades 10, 11, & 12 - Supply Check 

    You are graded on preparedness to the fashion lab. You must make sure you have all of your essential tools on the first day. A combination lock is required to store your items. Click HERE to view PDF of supplies. 


    Grade 9 - My Personal Style Mood Board

    You are to create mood board that defines your own personal style. Search for images favorite brands, clothes and accessories. Include images of things you enjoy reading, streaming and places you like to go. Presentation format must be done on PowerPoint or Google Slides.