• We have a new tool in our Yonkers Clever toolbox!  Log on to CLEVER, go to my teacher page and click on ACHIEVE 3000.

    You need to complete the LEVELSET program to begin.  Once this is done, I will be assigning work periodically on this web APP.  Keep up and don't let yourself fall behind!

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  • I will be taking attendance each period on the district's POWERSCHOOL website.  If after attendance is taken, a student is late, students must send me a chat at the end of the class time to modify their attendance.

    VIRTUAL CUTTING:  Please be aware that during the lesson I may call on a student or ask all students present online to raise their hands.  Any student who does not comply or respond can expect to be marked absent for the period.

    Please be aware, if you miss more than 1/2 of the class you are still responsible for any work we did.  We can try to catch up on FLEX Wednesdays, but DON'T MAKE IT A HABIT!

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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

While learning from home, we need to stay engaged in order to complete our school year successfully.

  • Being ENGAGED means that we are logging in to our class on time and ready to get to work!  This is a new system for all of us, so there will be some issues.  You or I may have a problem logging on, or getting to the right place on time.  




    That means me too!  If you're having problems, e-mail me (rkauffman1@yonkerspublicschools.org) and let me know - I'll try to help or find you help!


    When I give assignments on CLEVER apps, get them done on time as best you can!  If they're too hard or too easy, I can make adjustments in most cases.  COMMUNICATE!  Let me know!

  • Let's set some early expectations.


    1.  This is ENGLISH class.  All responses to "Short Answer" questions should be a small paragraph.  Think of it like a HAMBURGER, with a top, meaty middle, and a bottom.


    Perfect Grilled Burgers Recipe | Food Network Kitchen | Food Network


              1) We do this because we want the reader to understand what we're talking about - MAKE BELIEVE they did not see the question and have to RELY on you for the ideas you're writing about!

                   for example, if the question is:  What is your favorite color?  You write:  My favorite color is _________.  What is your favorite sport?  You begin:  My favorite sport is _____.

          B) Then you add SUPPORTING SENTENCES.  These sentences explain why your topic sentence is true, based on EVIDENCE found in the reading.

              1)  If you don't support your Topic sentence, then it cannot be believed.  We all want to be believed for what we think, RIGHT?

                  Here, you would explain WHY your favorite color is ______, or WHY your favorite sport is _____.  Take the time to explain to the reader!  He's unaware of your knowledge!

          C) Finally, you write a SUMMARY SENTENCE - This sentence let's the reader know you did the job!  It may begin with a phrase like, "As you can see..." or "That is why I stated in my Topic Sentence that..."


    2.  Since this is ENGLISH class, we use capital letters, punctuation and try our best to spell correctly.  We are NOT texting.