Key Club

  • Riverside High School received its Key Club charter in February 2017. Our service projects include Thank-You-Gram gift packets to our safety officers, kitchen and custodial staff, Secretary's day gifts, hurricane relief flashlights, community gardening and more. Meetings are held weekly from September to May. Young people who join this international student-led organization enjoy many opportunities to perform community service, build character and develop leadership skills. 

  •             Yonkers Basics Anniversary

    Anniversary 6/13/2018

    On June 13 we all got together to celebrate the first anniversary of the Yonkers Basics program. Members of our Key Club volunteered to greet guests at the door, assist with passing around the hors d'oeuvres and cleaning up. As always they made us proud.

    From left to right

    Annette Volino - East Yonkers Kiwanis and Yonkers Basics Committee
    Elio Corso - Key Club Secretary and MBK
    Onoriode Obaro-Best - Fundraising
    Nancy Shaw - Club Advisor
    Karla Garcia - Incoming Secretary
    Auzten Huertas - Vice President and MBK
    Dr. Ron Ferguson - Director of the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard Unversity
    Dr. Andrea Coddett - Deputy Superintendent and Yonkers Basics Chair
    Dr. Rosemary Uzzo - East Yonkers Kiwanis and Yonkers Basics Committee
    Joscelyn Siguencia - Membership
    Jessica Flores - President
    Kaitlyn Pablo - Editor
    Tina Xiuli - Yonkers Basics

    In front of Drs. Coddett and Uzzo

    Diana Martinez - Service Projects


                 Yonkers Basics Training 

    On Monday, April 23 Jennifer Longly came to Riverside High School to start training members of Key Club and MBK in the five pillars of the Yonkers Basics. For more informatin visit their HOME PAGE. Next year we plan to learn, grow and develop a Yonkers Basics service project.

    Yonkers Basic Training

    Seated from left to right

    Alayia Picart - incoming Treasurer
    Karla Garcia - incoming Secretary
    Onoriode Onaro-Best - Fundraising
    Joscelyn Siguencia - Membership
    Diana Martinez - Service Projects

    Standing from left to right

    Auzten Huertas - Key Club Vice President
    Elijah Washington - Youth Giving Back and Key Club
    Annette Volino - East Yonkers Kiwanis and Yonkers Basics Committee),
    Nancy Shaw - Key Club Advisor
    Jennifer Longley - Professional Trainer
    Elio Corso - Key Club and MBK
    Dr. Rosemary Uzzo - East Yonkers Kiwanis and Yonkers Basics Committee

    Not shown in this picture but present were:

    Jessica Flores - President 
    Joel Gomez - Club Treasurer
    Sophia Wu representing the PTA