Welcome to Grade 6 ELA/SS

Mr. Edwin Moreno-Sandez



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Edwin Moreno-Sandez

 KINDLY TAKE NOTE:  There's an UPDATED Schedule for our  2020-2021 School Year!

NEW Hybrid-learning model (see below:)





                                          GRADE 6

              *HYBRID PROGRAM* 

                           6-10 & 6-11


 UPDATED:  Microsoft TEAM COHORTS: Cohort A- (M, Tue.) and Cohort B- (Th, Fri.) have hybrid days.  

 Cohort D =100% remote.  On non-hybrid days, Cohorts A & B join Cohort D

 using the corresponding HOMEROOM (6-11 or 6-10) Team Name!




              521- 6-10 Cohorts A-B &D (Sandez) 

Sign-on times below:

   Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: {M= 9:05-11:20, 1:05p- 2:45p}

  [W= 8:35 -10:10am]   

                   Curriculum to-be-taught: ELA, Social Studies, Social-distancing practices, Community meetings.


    M= English Language Arts  @ 9:40-11:20   RECESS/Lunch@ 11:25-12:25p  ART @ 12:30-1pm 

     S.S w/ Community mtg. block of time  @ 1:05-2:45p

    Wed= ELA @ 8:35-10:10am

     Thurs.= Same as Mon  SCHED. w/ LIT @ 12:30-1pm 



                  Ms. Petraglia's HOMEROOM:

     Team: 521- 611 Cohorts A-B & D (Sandez)

      Sign-on times below:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays: {Tues= 9:05am-11:20am, 1:05-2:45p),

W= 10:15-11:45a)  [Fri.= 9:05-11:20a, 1:05p-2:45p]

  Curriculum to-be-taught: ELA, Social Studies, Social-distancing practices, Community mtgs.

Tues= ELA @ 9:05-11:20, RECESS/lunch @ 11:25-12:25p  GYM @ 12:30-1pm

SS/Community Mtgs block of time @ 1:05p-2:45p

Wed= 10:15-11:45 (ELA) LIT @ 12:30-1pm

Friday= same as MONDAY w/ LIT @ 12:30-1pm