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Ms. Tornabene

Hello School 21 family!

Students in Grades Pre-k through grade 4 are exploring beat. In addition, students in grades 2 -4 will be learning how to distinguish the difference between beat and rhythm and learn how to notate rhythm. Grade 3 have been given individual bags of pop-cycle sticks for which they will be using to notate rhythm patterns. Grade 2 will be receiving their bags shortly.

Grades 5 and 6 have been learning about ballet and have been experiencing the storytelling of ballet through watching scenes from "The Nutcracker Suite" from the narrated-version of the movie from 1993 starring Macauley Culkin. The unit will soon be coming to a close and a unit quiz will be given. Students may find a review sheet on my Clever page, and they will also be given this sheet in- person in school.