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BFA in Mixed Media Fine Arts MS in Art Education Artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally

Mr. Avi Stein

Hello to all parents and students, and welcome back to another fantastic year at School 21!


Art this this year will be a bit different due to many factors, the biggest one being a need to limit sharing of art supplies between students and between students and me, once we start Hybrid Teaching. To this end, I am requesting the following art supplies that students, if at all possible, should purchase and have in their desk at school (and at home if possible too).


1. A Box of Crayons (Crayola is best for quality)

2. A Box of Broad Line Markers (Crayola is best for quality)

3. A box of Colored Pencils (Crayola is best for qiality)

4. 1 Sharpener (If classroom teacher already requested, disregard)

5. 1 Folder to be dedicated to storing art work


If you are willing and able to purchase a few more specialized supplies, the following is a "Wish List" if you are able to get these too.


1. Oil Pastels (Crayola is best for quality)

2. Watercolor Paint Tray (Crayola is best for quality)

3. A Black Sharpie Marker


Fo remote learning to start the year, I will be co-teaching under the classroom teams set up for each individual class. Students will get art 1-2 times a week LIVE in this manner. Please have paper (any kids), a pencil, and some crayons or markers available. We will be limited in terms of art in this method, but will get in to more advanced projects when students are in person in October.


Additionally, I will be using Class Dojo again this year, as it is a very easy App/Platform to interact with hundreds of parents and students. You can send me pictures of artworks through it, questions, concerns, and such. So if you get an email or text from this App with my name, please dont ignore it. It will make interaction with everyone easier and be beneficial to both you and me.

I will also still have my YouTube channel from last spring active. It has 30+ art video lessons that I have created uploaded, and more will be added. These can be used on days when students arent live for art class, or for extra credit. I will also assign some as homework or for remote learning purposes.

Thank you in advance for your undestanding, and i'm looking forwrd to a wonderful albe it diferent year of Art. As always, you can email me at with any questions or concerns,



Mr. Avi Stein

Art Teacher 

YPS 17 & 21