Mr. Rowitt – Earth Science

  • Expectations (in no particular order):

    What I expect from you

    What you can expect from me

    ·      Respectful of others

    ·      Be ready to think

    ·      Ask questions

    ·      Come in for extra help

    ·      Class Participation

    ·      Ability to work cooperatively

    ·      Write your name and the date at the top of worksheets

    ·      Please no gum chewing

    ·      Come to class with your materials

    ·      Raise your hand

    ·      Positive attitude!!

    ·      Respectful of myself and you

    ·      Positive attitude!!

    ·      Be informative during class (and after)

    ·      Refrain from chewing gum

    ·      Encouragement

    ·      Provide extra help

    ·      Does not give up!

    ·      Guidance

    ·      Refrain from cell phone usage

    ·      Fairness

    ·      Listening

    ·      Ask you to think!!