Student Expectations:

  • expectations

    1. Be in attendance EVERY day: Attendance is important. If you are not in class and/or logged into Schoology, you will fall behind. You are responsible for making up lessons and any assignments missed. The expectation is that you will be prompt* and in class and/or logged in every school day. 

    2. Be Prepared: Be prepared and prompt every day. Have all the materials you need prior to logging into Microsoft Teams and/or in class.    

    3. Be Respectful: Be respectful of each other and the teacher at all times. 

    4. Be Responsible: Be honest with yourself and the teacher. 

    5. Be Cooperative with others: Be willing to work with others.

    6. Be open to new ideas and opinions: Listen to what others have to say.

    7. Be willing to try: Be willing to try all problems and projects presented.

    * Prompt means that students are expected to be in their seats and/or logged into Schoology to access ALL assignments for the school year.