• Create a Naviance account
    • Find out if you are eligible for HEOP/ EOP/ SEEK
    • See below for eligibility
    • Make a balanced college list (2 reach, approximately 6-8 targets, 2 safety)
    • Write a college essay that has been looked at by an adult.
    • Write supplemental essays if applicable.
    • Request at least 2 letters of recommendations

    -     Request only if you are applying to 4 year colleges

    -     Ask teachers in person, and then request via Naviance

    -     Must ask at least 3 weeks in advance

    • Request school counselor recommendation
    • Request only if college requires it.
    • Submit Senior Questionnaire via Microsoft Forms
    • Must ask at least 3 weeks in advance
    • Take the SAT and/or ACT.
    • Ask your school counselor for fee waivers if you are eligible
    • You are responsible for sending scores to colleges that you are applying to through the testing website.
    • Create Common Application (commonapp.org)
    • Link your Common App and Naviance account on Naviance.
    • In order to do this, the following sections of Common App must be complete:
      • Complete the Education section
      • A college must be added to your College List
      • Under a College’s tab, you must authorize FERPA release
    • Create CUNY Application (cuny.edu)
    • Submit all college applications
    • Submit FAFSA Application
    • Submit TAP Application
    • Submit CSS Profile (only if applicable)
    • Request mid-year grades be submitted if applicable
    • Submit Scholarships
    • Submit college decision. May 1st is National College Signing Day.



    If you meet the guidelines below you should be applying to an opportunity program (SEEK, EOP, HEOP).


    Number of Members in Household

    (including head of household)

    Total Annual Income

    (in preceding calendar year)