1.      Respect yourself, the teacher & others

    ·         Show respect for the teacher, yourself and others at all times.

    ·         Respect others’ property.  Avoid touching or writing on anything that does not belong to you (including desks, textbooks, teacher’s belongings, walls, chalkboard, etc.). Please pick-up after yourself. 

    ·         Respect yourself and the rest of us by using appropriate language and wearing appropriate clothing.

    ·         Be a kind person.


    2.      Put forth your best effort at all times.

    ·         Always do your own best work.

    ·         Put learning ahead of getting good grades. 

    ·         Put quality ahead of just getting it done.


    3.      Be prepared for class each day

    ·         Come prepared with all materials necessary:

    §         Sketchbook

    §         32GB Flashdrive


    4.      Pay attention, participate and ask questions

    ·         Engage in what is going on in the classroom.  If you have a question, ask it!  Be proactive about your learning and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  If you feel most comfortable waiting until after class, that is okay, too, but do keep communication open between us.


    5.      Preserve a positive learning environment

    ·         Student actions that interfere with teaching or learning in the classroom will NOT be tolerated. 

    ·         Use class time to learn Graphic Design.  Please do not spend your time sleeping, talking, on your phone, or doing work for other classes.

    ·         Minimize classroom interruptions by arriving to class on time and not leaving the classroom during the hour.


    6.      Take responsibility for your actions

    ·         Honesty is the best policy!