Mrs. Richmond's Parent Letter
  • Grade 2 Supply List

  • 9/3/2021

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

                    Hello and welcome to what will be a successful school year for your child.  My name is Kathleen Richmond, and this is my first year joining the 21-school community.  I have been teaching in Yonkers for the last 21 years, having spent the entire time at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary.  I am looking forward to getting to know you all and your children and making new memories at School 21.

                    I will share a little about myself.  I have been teaching 4th grade for the past 23 years and am very excited to move to 2nd grade this year.  I have two sons, Andrew who has just started 6th grade in the Peekskill Public School District and my son, Thomas who just started 4th grade in the same district.  I have lived in Peekskill for 18 years.  I know how busy we are as parents and guardians as we juggle parenthood and working all at the same time.  I am always available to talk, email or text after the school day if you need to contact me.  I know how important communication is with your child’s teacher, especially during Covid-19.  You can reach me directly on my cell phone at 914-316-0395 or by email at

                    Education is one of the most fundamental keys to success and working together will allow for all my students and your children to see how important their education is.  I am thrilled to welcome your children in-person this 2021-2022 school year!  In our class, we have high expectations for all students.  If your children try their best every day and participate in their learning, they will be successful!  All class work and homework should demonstrate effort and care. 

                    Please contact me straight away if you have any concerns, questions or just to introduce yourself to me.  (914-316-0395).  I will send daily, weekly and monthly communications home both electronically and by paper handouts.

                    Just a few reminders:

    • Wear a mask to school daily (one will be provided if your child forgets theirs or needs one)
    • The first day of school is now Thursday, September 9th, 2021, due to the cancelation of school on Thursday, September 2nd from the road closures and massive floods.
    • School holidays/School Closures:
    • Monday, September 6th
    • Tuesday, September 7th:
    • Wednesday, September 8th:
    • Thursday, September 16th:
    • Open House is scheduled for Thursday, September 23rd. More information to follow.
    • My personal phone# 914-316-0395
    • My email address:
    • School 21 phone number is 914-376-8435

    I look forward to meeting you and your children on Thursday, September 9th at 8:35am.


    Kind regards,

    Kathleen Richmond

    Class 2-24