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Mr. Ishola

Mr. Ishola

(Mathematics Teacher)

Assignments are posted on any ofthe following Microsoft Teams, Clever/Castle learning or Deltamath. Every assignment will be assessed and graded. Make sure that assignments are submitted on or before due date. Submitt all assignments including handwritten through Microsoft Teams. Use the following text #81010 to connect with my "Remind" Note: assignments are not posted on remind. It is your responsibility to check my LHS-home page daily.

Please take note of the modified Wednesday Schedule starting from 9/16/20 until 9/25/20 and any necessary adjustment within the stated time period.

Pd 1: 7:45AM - 8:07AM;  Pd 2: 8:11AM - 8:33AM;  Pd 3: 8:37AM - 8:59AM

Pd 4: 9:03AM - 9:25AM;  Pd 5: 9:29AM - 9:51AM; Pd 6: 9:55AM - 10:17AM

Pd 7: 10:21AM -10:43AM and Pd 8: 10:47AM - 11:08AM



Current assignment:

#924: Combining radicals by addition or subtraction (Hand written). Assigned 9/24, due 9/25.

Past due assignments:

#922: Simplifying radicals. From Deltamath, posted 9/22, due 9/23


#917: Literal Equations(Level 1) from Deltamath posted 9/17, due 9/18

#914: Multi-step linear equations (Level 2) posted 9/14, due date-9/15 

#911: Multi-step linear equations (Hand written) 9/11

#910: Two-step linear equations (level 1) posted 9/10, due date-9/10

#909: Simplify/Evaluate handwritten 9/9