Mr. Anthony Galella

Phone: 914-376-8400 (Main Office Number)


Degrees and Certifications:

Masters of Special Education 7-12

Mr. Anthony Galella

Mr. Galella has worked in Yonkers for 7 years, and started at Lincoln High School during the 2016-2017 school year. Prior to working at Lincoln High School, Mr. Galella taught at Cross Hill Academy. Mr. Galella is a product of Yonkers Public Schools having attended and graduated from Gorton High School in 2002. It has always been a goal of his to return to Yonkers to teach.



Good MOrning, welcome to the last week of school!!! I want to say congradulations on a grerat year despite the challenges. Im providing a link to some virtual field trips that you might find interesting.  Again enjoy you week and hope you enjoy your summer!!!! See you in September (hopefully) 

Virtual Trips  


Update 6/5/20

As the 4th quarter winds down I want to thank those who have completed all assignemtns the best they could, THANK YOU!!! THere will be now new assignments, however all PAST DUE assignments will be due on June 10, 2020. 

Update 6/3/20

Reminder: All current assignments are due at the end of the day today. 

 Update 5/27/20

Please complete the assignments in the assignments tab. They are due on 6/3/20. Any question please reach out to me via Teams Char or Email. 

Update 5/22/20

Please be adivsed all assignments are now due on Tuesday 5/26/20 Due to the Memorial Day weekend. Please hope you enjoy this holiday weekend and the time with your fmaily and loved ones and stay safe.  

Update 5/16/20

Please click on the Assignments tab to view new assignments. All current assignments are due Monday 5/25/20

Update 5/11/20

Reminder all assigignments are due today. Please take Wednesday Thursday and Friday as days to catch up on PAST DUE assignments as there hasn't been an opportunity to do so the last couple of weeks. 

Update 5/8/20

Reminder assignments are due on tuesday. Have a great weekend and hope you all continue to stay safe.

Update 5/5/20

All new assignemnts are in the assignments tab, they will be due on Tuesday 5/12/20. Please feel free to email me quesitons or chat with me on Microsoft Teams.  

Update 5/4/20

Reminder Assignments are due today please click on the assignements tab to view and download assignemnts.  

Update 5/1/20 

Reminder All current assignemnts are due on Monday 5/4/20

Assignments can be found by clicking the assignments tab

Update 4/29/20

Please continue to try your best in completeing  assignments on time, and thank you to those who have reached out via email and teams chat asking for assistance.  

Reminder all assignments are in the ASSIGNMENTS tab

Update 4/27/20

Please click on the ASSIGNMENTS tab to view all new assignments and due dates. 

Udate 4/23

Thank you to those who handed in this laast assignment in on time!! Those that have not yet handed in the assignments please hand them in ASAP.

Today and tomorrow will serve as a time to make up any past asssignments. Please look back at my assignemnts tab on Monday for updated assignments and attachments.  


Update 4/22 

All current assignemnts are due today, thank you to those who have already handed in assignments. I look forard to hearing from those of you who still have not yet handed them in. 

Reminder #1: the assignemtns that are due today will count towards the 4th marking period. 

Reminder #2: There is still time to hand in all past due assignments that count for the 3rd marking period  

Update 4/20/20

Please remember all assignment due dates. Again all assignemnts and due dates are in the ASSIGNMENTS tab.

All students logs are found in the CLASS EXPECTATIONS  Tab  

Update 4/15/20

Please look in the assignemnts tab for new assignments, these assignemnts will be due on 4/22/2020 and will count towards the 4th marking period.  

* My 11th and 12th Grade Students who also have Mrs. Carpentieri please complete her Castle Learning and any other assignments she has assigned. All assignemnts and updates are on her Lincoln High School Teacher Page. 

Update 4/14/20

Good Morning, as per district policy students are required to complete work logs. These logs will srve as a way to track assignments you have completed, as well as to serve as proof to teachers and administrators that work was completed. Please click on the CLASS EXPECATATIONS  tab to find these sheets and complete them ASAP. This is your assignment for today, and tomorrow 4/15/20 their will be new work uploaded in the Assignments tab.  

 UPDATE 4/10/20

I'd like ot make todays update about how impressed I am with the inichiative and hard work of many of you guys. A special shout out foes to those who have been in constant contact or reached out to me via email or through a nother teacher. It was nice to hear from you and I greatly appreaciate the hard work and it hasn't gone unnoticed. For those who are still completing assignemnts please take today, and Mnday to catch up. And please look back at the assignments tab on Tuesday for updated assignbemnts. HAve a safe and happy holiday weekend. 

UPDATE 4/9/20

Good Morning all, today 4/9/20, tomorrow 4/10/20, and Moday 4/13/20 will be set asside as an opportubity for those who have fallen behind to complete any outstanding assignments. Rememebr the end of the marking period is 4/17/20.  

UPDATE 4/8/20

*Reminder all assignemnts assigned on 4/2 are due today 4/8

*New assignments & supplimentary materials will be uploaded into the assignments tab tomorrow and due date will be posted 

* Marking period ends April 17th please remember that any missing work will have adverse effect on grades. However I will take into account current hardship and situations.



UPDATE 4/6/20

As per the YPS and NYS in lieu of Spring Break this week will serve as a continuation of distance learning. Plese be mindful of due dates, and continue to stay safe during this time. 

Update 4/2/20

As per NYS request distance learning will continue during what was to be our spring recess, please continue to look to this web page for new assignments and daily updates. Also based on conversations I had with some students yesteray I have decided to extend the due dates for all assignemtns that were uploaded yesterday 4/1/20. The due date is now  Wednesday 4/8/20.  Please consintue to reach out to me, guidance counselor, or gradelevel administrator with any questions or concerns.  As a reminder I am availible anytime but set aside the hours of 8:00-11:30 for parents and students. 

UPDATE 4/1/20

All NEW assignments are avaibible via the ASSIGNMENT tab. ALL assignments assigned on 4/1/20 are due on 4/5/20. Any Passed due assignments are still open on Castle Learning for students to complete, but please focus on CURRENT ASSIGNMENTS as these assifgnments reflect NEW CONTENT 

Period 1

- PPT (Cash budgets and Preformance Reports) presentation narrated by myself outlines the topic and gives updated and work expectsitons/ Directions. 

- Guided note packets with supplemental assignments are Micorsoft Word Documents where you can type in answers 

-Please try your best to email the comleted assignments to me


Period 2

- Guided PPT presentation ( Systems of Equations Using Substitution) with attached Classwork/ Homework assignemnt

-Suplementary Video from to reinforce PPT content

- Supplementary HW assignments in Word Document format so you can add answers to document

-Please continue doing Castle learning assignments as it helps serve as a review for the Algebra regents

-Please try your best to hand in assignments via


Period 3

- PPT (Property Insurence) is narrated by myself and gives directions and expectations of the assignment

- Editable word Document invlcudes guided notes and classwork/homework assignement 

- Please try to hand in assignments via email


Periods 6 & 7 

- PPT presentation ( Side Side Side, & Side Angle Side Congruence) examles are included

- Supplementary Video from

- Supplimentary classwork to be completed/handed in on (Title: Side Side Side, and Side Angle Side)


UPDATE: 3/31/20

Continuing until today please reply to any messages through Castle Learning (please see the link on the school homepage for instructions on logging on to Castle Learning through Clever), or I can be reached via email at All assignemts that where due today will still show up on this page in the ASSIGNMENT TAB under the PAST DUE ASSIGNMENTS heading. 

Starting 4/1/20 I will be uploading new content onto this webage via the ASSIGNMENTS TAB. DIrections for the assignemnts will accompany the assignments.  This work will reflect lessons that would have been taught from 4/1/20-4/3/20. I will also upload work that will reflect lessons that would have been taught on 4/14/20 & 4/15/20 at a later date.

Again I am available at any time of the day, but have specifically set aside time from the hours of 8:00- 11:30AM for parents and students. 

* Please note Spring Break is from 4/6/20-4/13/20, as a result of this scheduled break there is no assigned work during that period of time. 


Please refer to the Video/PPT links on my assignments page for any helpful materials.