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Mrs. Cacace



Degrees and Certifications:

MSed Fordham Graduate School of Education Spec Ed K-12 (2002) HS math certified (2018) Grades 9-12 SUNY Oneonta BS - Math/Art

Mrs. Cacace


TEAMS MEETING -   Monday, June 15, 2020 10:30 am,  Tuesday through Thursday, June 16 through June 18, 2020:  11 am class on Microsoft Teams for all Resource students in my classes. 

Daily Assignment!

Go to Lincoln HS site.  Click on the search icon (magnifying glass icon) in the upper right hand corner of the LHS PAGE.......type in Student Work Log.
Click on the first site that appears and the student work log will come up.  Please print 5 copies.  Every item of work that you do should be written in this log and saved.  Do this for each subject and for each assignment.  

Example:  4/9/20 - For Resource Room - Printed 5 copies of Student Work Log

                4/9/20 - Science - Assignment for today completed and sent to teacher via email (or whatever method is being used.)

EVERY DAY - NOTE:  Go onto the Lincoln HS site, look up each of your teachers, check their assignments.   If you don't see their assignments on Teacher Page please go to POWERSCHOOL to look up the assignments by class.   Do all assignments daily.  After you have completed your assignment, save it.  Then submit assignments.  Be sure to go back and complete old assignments that you did not complete. If you have questions, please email the teacher. 

All of my student should join my Remind(listed below).  Please call or text me if you need assistance with any assignments.  I will help you.   Each and every one of your teachers are posting classwork/homework assignments on the Lincoln HS teacher pages,  Powerschool, Microsoft Teams, and more.  If you do not see assignments for a particular teacher, email them.  Classes such as Gym, Music, Computer, Art are posting assignments daily.  The teachers are grading your assignments.  Please be sure to check each teachers page daily and complete their work every day.  

Call me if you are not able to do the work.  I will work with you on it.

I have been in contact with all of your teachers and some are indicating that their assignments are not being completed.  I have begun contacting parents with this information.  For those of you that have been completing all of your assignments....Bravo!  

I'm very proud of each one of you.  Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.  DO THE ASSIGNMENTS!

All Resource Classes:

Please complete all teachers assignments on a daily basis;  save and submit if needed.

Please join my Remind:

Send a text to: 81010

Text this message:

Period 1 class:@ccacac

Period 4 class: @cacacep4

All other classes:  @ccacacp1

You may contact me Monday thru Friday:  9:30 am to 1 pm daily.   

You may go onto Powerschool to see grades and assignments that may be missing.  

You may log into Clever and find my classes.  I encourage you to use the Algebra Regents site.

My email is



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