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Degrees and Certifications:


Was Born in Cameroon. Went to University in Russia. Obtained a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Went to school in City College CUNY. Obtained a Master's Degree in Mathematics Education.

Obtanined another Master's Degree in School Administration and Supervision from City College CUNY.

Certified Special Ed Birth to 2 Head Start.

Marking Period four is well underway.

Office hours:  9:00 am - 12:00 pm daily



6/15/2020 - 6/18/2020: Good evening all, hope you ha d agood and relaxing weekend. Here is our last week of school work.  

                                           I encourage all of you to do the final two assignments for this week, take the remaining time to catch up 

                                           with all the missing work. The last 2 assignments consist of #25 and #26 for both Algebra2 and Pre-Calculus.

                                           GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6/09/2020 - 6/12/2020: Hello, it si been a good of work. I hope it was the same for you.  Continue to do your assignments. #21 to 23.

6/08/2020 - 6/12/2020 : Hi everyone, I hope that you are all well, along with all your family. We are almost there. Two more weeks and that is set. For this week, I have posted assignments on DeltaMath and CASTLE Learning for both ALGEBRA-2 and PRECALCULUS. Login and dot it, one assignment every day. Make sure to make up any missing assignment.

Good Luck!!!

6/02/2020: Hi all, hope you all had a very productive day. Continue to work on the assignments that were posted and all the previous ones. Make up all the missing assignments. Have a great day.

6/01/2020: hello all, Pre-Calculus and Algebra2. We are in June, the final Month of our school year. We are starting new units. Login to and perform the assignments. There are three assignments, #21, #21, and #22. Please make sure to do all of them.

5/28/2020: Hello Pre-Calc & Algebra2 classes, I congratulates all of those who have been doing their assignments on regular basis. I encourage all the remaining students to do the right things. Log in as soon as possible and do the assignments. You are running out of time.  

Pre-Cal and Algebra2 classes assignments arre on Castle Learning or  

5/27/2020: good evening. Hope you had a good working and productive day. Refer to or castle learning to cmplete assignments.  For this week, you have to complete assignmnets #16-18.  Good luck!!!

5/26/2020: Hi all,  hope you had a relaxing and joyful memorial week end. We have come so far and so close with our distance learning. Congratulations to those of you who have been working hard every day and everyweek. Congratulations those who have been attending video conferencing on daily basis. 

ALGEBRA-2 & PRE-CALCULUS: Find your weekly assignment on or Catle learning. make sure to do one and only one platform. You have 4 assignments each this week. Thank you.

5/21/2020: Hi, hope all is well. continue to work on your assignments. visit ""; the teacher's code is 210716. do all assignments for this week. rmember to make up any past assignment to obtain full credit.  To login to Castle learning, you can use your school normal school login info. 

5/19/2020:  Good evening. I cannot stress enough the need for all of you to get involve in your work. Continue to do what you are doing. I thank you all those who have been doing their work, those who are calling me for extra help or those who are attending video classes.

ALGEBRA-II & PRE-CALCULUS:  Find your assignments on or Castle learning if you prefer. 

5/18/2020:    This is a new week. Itis a decisive week. Students I encourage you to put effort and do as much work as possible to catch up with all the missing work. If you had a grade "I" last marking period, you should try to get it change to "P" as quickly as possible. Don't          allow it to become "F".  


 5/14/2020       ALGEBRA-II & PRE-CALCULUS:  refer to delta Math and caltle learning and continue the next                                                                                          assignment. We are currently doing assignment # 13 on the MP4. check your power school

                                  account to make sure that you received grade for the previous week.

 5/13/2020       ALGEBRA-2 & PRE-CALCULUS:    Your assignments are in delta math and castle learning. I will continue to offer video conferences on the above stated                                                                                 hours. 

 5/12/2020    ALGEBRA-2 & PRE-CALCULUS: Thank you for all your effort. I encourage you to put more effort.

                                                   Perform assignmennt on delta math or castle learning if you choose to do castle                                                                                                     learning.

 5/11/2020: ALGEBRA-2 & PRE-CALCULUS: Hope you all had a good weekend. This week we will be using castle learning for all our                                                                                         assignments. Login to castle learning and find you assginment #9. You may still go to deltamath                                                                           to make up past work. Good Luck!

 Procedure for creating DeltaMath Account:

On your browser, type ""  then select "create account" then use teacher code "210716" enter, and finish the process. 

Remember the password that you choose, since you are going to use every time you log in to delta math.

We will address Topics of Trigonometric Functions in the first part of this marking period.

5/08/2020:  ALGEBRA -2:  Please find your assignment number 8 on Answer all the question. 

                      PRE-CALCULUS:  Your assignment #8 is available on  Aswer all the questions. 

5/07/2020: ALGEBRA-2: There is no new assignment for today. Finish and review the lat assignment.

                    PRE-CALCULUS:  No new assignment for tomorrow. Make surre to finish and review the previous                                                                                                      assignment

5/06/2020: ALGEBRA-II: Find your assignment #7 on; make sure to watch the video if you have                                                                                             hard time, or join me on microsoft team at 11:30 am for a lesson on trigonometry.

                     PRE-CALCULUS: Your number seven assignment is on Asnwer all questions. If you                                                                                                  have any difficulties, dont hesitate to join and ask me on video conference at 1:30 pm.

5/04/2020:  ALGBRA-2:  The assignment #6 is  up for you to perform. Before that, you may want to join me for a video class at 11:30. 

                      PRE-CALCULUS: You have the assignment #6 up. Please do it in a timely manner. I will have video conference at 1:30. Please                                                       join me with any issues. 

4/30/2020: ALGEBRA-II: There is no new assignments for this Friday.  Make up all missing assignments.

                     Pre-Calculus: No new assignments for the rest of this week.  Make up all missing assignments.                   

4/29/2020:  ALGEBRA-II: Assignment #6 is on Delta Answer all questions. Text me on remind if you have any issues with any                              questions.

                      PRE-CALCULUS: Assignment #5 is still good for another. Try to finish it. Text me on remind if you have any difficulties.

4/28/2020:  ALGEBRA-2: I would allow one extra day on the assignment #5, since most people have trouble with it. I would appreciate if you bring all                                               questions or concerns on my video conference. Remind is only for announcements.

                  PRE-CALCULUS: Find your assignment on delta. Assignment #5. you on teams conference.

 4/27/2020: Today is Monday, April 27, 2020. Tis is the Second week of the 4th marking period. We continue to address topics in                                           trigonometric functions. 

                     ALgebra 2 classes: You are performing assignment #5. All assignments is on; the teacher code is 210716. 

                     Precalculus class: Your assignment is on as well. You are starting this week with assignment #4. Refer to                          The code is 210716.

Check your grades on power school to see your standing and also make up past homeworks to improve your grades. Thank you,

 4/24/2020: Today is Friday. Assignment for both ALGEBRA-II and PRE-CALCULUS consist of making up all the work that you missed this                              week.  for ALGEBRA-II, there are 4 assignments. For PRE-CALC, there are 3 assignments. All assignments are due soon and you                        will not have access to them once the due date kicks in.

4/23/2020   ALGEBRA 2: You have assignment #4 on Delta math. Due date is very short.

                  PRE-CALCULUS: Find your assignment #3 on delta Math. 

4/22/2020 ALGEBRA-2: Found your assignment #3 MP-4 on Delta Math. Be careful, for the due date is near.   

                PRE-CALCULUS: Assignment #2 is on Delta Math. Be mindful of the due date. 

4/21/2020 ALGEBRA-2: Assignment #2 MP-4 can be found on DeltaMath. Is is time sensitive

                PRE-CALCULUS: Finish the assignment that you started yesterday on Delta Mat.

4/20/2020 ALGEBRA-2:  Assignment #1 MP-4 is on Delta MAth.  This assignment has a due date.

                PRE-CALCULUS:  Assignment #1 MP-4 is on Delta MAth. Assignment has a due date.