Degrees and Certifications:


Born in Cameroon, West Coast Central Africa. Went to University in Russia.

Obtained a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Went to school at City College CUNY. Obtained a Master's Degree in Mathematics Education.

Obtanined another Master's Degree in School Administration and Supervision from City College CUNY.

Licensed In Mathematics 9-12.   Certified Special Ed Birth to 2 Head Start.

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February 22, 2021:

Welcome back. I hope you had a healty and relaxing winter rescess. We are going to continue our journey through the 3rd marking period. 

I encourage everyone of you to stay focus, work hard and earn good grade. With Covid-19 vaccin rolling out, I hope to see more and more of you attending classes in person. The weather is also promising good days ahead of us.  

Just like you wished, I have created and put Homework assignments on DELTAMATH for both ALG_2 and Pre-Calculus classes.  SO I invite all of you to refer to Delta Math for your class and do work daily.  

HomeWork will be assigned weekly and grades with be compiled along with class participation at the end of the week, and reported to POWER SCHOOL.

You can always refer to Teams assignments for class notes and lessons.


February 08, 2021:         Congratulations All!

We made it to the 3rd marking period. 

This marking period, a lot of you asked me to consider using Delta Math for class assignments. 

I have decided that I will be using delta math. For those of you who like eMathinstruction, you can stick to it.

However, you may only use one platform. You have to let me know in writing what platform you have choose to do your assignment on. 

I will be posting one set of work on teams for those who want to do eMathinstructions, and another set of work on delta math for those who want to use delta math.  

Each set of work is due at the end of that week.  Try to do it on time so to earn full credit.  There will be a total of about 6 homeworks. We will have quizzes or test in between.

January 04, 2021 


I hope you had a very relaxing time during the holidays break. We are back to our normal routine. 

As the second marking period is approaching the, I urge all of you to work hard, complete all your assignments on time. 

We are starting UNIT 6: QUadratic Functions. For the week of January 4, we will have three homeworks as follow: Algebra-2, Unit 6: Quadratic Functions and their algebra.  HW#1 PP 3-4 of lesson#1;  HW#2 pp 3-4 of lesson #4; HW#3, pp 3-4 of Lesson#5.  (lessons 2 and 3 were skipped on purpose).   All Homeworks will be due on Saturday January 09, at midnight.

All homeworks are found on teams assignments, follow tha same routine, that consists of doing your homework, tak pictures of all pagess done, and upload them on teams. 



ALGEBRA-II: We have stardted Unit#4, Intro to Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.

All classmaterials and Homework will be posted on Teams Assignments. You can print each HW, which is pages 3-4 of each lesson. There will be no more than 4 Homeworks each week. Late submited Homework will not worth full credit. I urge everyone to do their homework on a daily basis and upload it on teams.  Nevertheless, you can still go to emathinstruction.com, select Algebra2, unit 4 and print any lesson that you want free of charge. 

PRE-CALCULUS: We have started Advaanced exponential and Logarithmic Functions. WHat a coincidence! The two have very little in common. All work will be available to print on teams. I encourage every student to print all the class and HW material in advance. It is critical that you have your worksheet available during each lesson, as you will need them in order to follow the instruction properly.

Grades will be updated on Power school once a week, most likely every Sunday.

11/20/2020: Unit#3- Review- Quiz and Unit Test.

11/19/2020: Unit#3-Lesson#7/HW#7- System of Linear Equations

11/18/2020: Unit#3-Lesson #6/HW#6- Piecewise Functions

11/17/2020: Unit#2-Lesson #7/HW#7- Key Features of Functions

11/16/2020: Unit#3-LESSON#5/HW#5- Inverse of Linear Functions

11/13/2020: Unit#3-Lesson #4/HW#4- Linear Modeling with Functions

11/12/2020: Unit #3-Lesson #3/HW#3- Forms of Equations of Linear Functions.

11/11/2020: School Closed: Veteran's Day.

11/10/2020: Unit #3-Lesson #2/HW#2- Average Rtae of Change of Function.

11/09/2020: Unit #3-Lesson#1/HW#1- Direct Variations.

11-09-2020: Today is the first day of the second marking period. During this marking period, we will be using "eMathinstruction by Kirk Weiler".

Students can download the course material on their phone, tablet, chrome, or PC. They can watch the short video that is attach to each course if they want more explanations or if they missed instruction. At the end of each lesson, student is to complete page 3 and 4 as the assignment for the given lesson. Make sure to do all the questions in your notebook. Take a picture of your work, upload it as an attachment to Teams assignment for the corresponding HW. 

Procedure for accessing the courses: 

1- On your browser: type eMathinstruction.com;

2- Select Algebra II;

3- Select Unit #3;

3- Click on the Lesson that you are working on;

4- Click to "agree" on the terms;

If you want to watch the video, it is free and it last about 20 minutes. It covers pages 1 nad 2.

Your assignment is the fluency section, pages 3 and 4.


10/28/20: Current assignments: all your assignments are on DELTA MATH.

On Thursday October 29, there will be a test. We have been reviewing throughout the week.  



Click on the assignment tab and open the file labled 10/21/2020 Flex Wednesday Assignment

 9/28/220: Week #3

Pre-Calculus: We will be reviewing Inequalities, Coordinate Geometiry, and Solving Absolute Value Inqualities.  

ALGEBRA-II: We will continue to review with Factoring Trinomials, Factoring completely.

All Homework Assignments will be posted on DeltaMath.


open House Wednesday starting at 6:00 pm.  The open house will be virtual this year.

Students are to share their Microsoft teams login information with their parents. 

Parents will login to Teams using Calendar on teams, according to the schedule provided by the school principal, Mr. Sherman.


This week 3 of this school year. We are on virtual learning this week.

ALGEBRA-II class: We will focus on polynomials this week. 

Assignments for this week will be on delta math. A2-wk3-Asgnt#1,2,3,4 by the end of this week.

PRE-CALCULUS Class:  We will review factorization, operations on rational expressions.

Assignments for this week will be on Delta math as PC-wk3-Asgnt#1,2,3,4.

All assignments are due by Saturday night 8 pm.

Go to Power School and see your grade weekly to make sure there are no discrepencies.