Aloha Everybody! Welcome to 2020 - 2021!

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  •   At anytime, if there is a subject of interest or something new that you want to about, we can both work at learning.

      If you have choices of subject material, you can take ownership of the research, general or specific, and the pace of learning. Learning should be fun. So, let's make it fun.

    We all learn differently. Sometimes the same and sometimes differently. It's easier when you have someone you can trust! If we work together, there's nothing we can't do! I'm old & I know! Aoha & Mahalos! 

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  • Aloha & Mahalos!

    I may be contacted between 7:30 am - 2:30 pm via phone & email anytime (unless in class). In order to facilitate communication, my students can reach me anytime days and early evening. I am here to assist you. As always, please consider me a resource or just call to say hello.   

    Communication is important! In order to achieve that end, we need to talk, speak, or contact each other. 

    To be continued...



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    Helpful Links & Articles:

    - PBS "Learn-At-Home" Education Program:

    - Money Math Worksheets:

    - Game-Based Learning:



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  • News Flash: You have always been responsible for your education!

     You need to use all resources available to you in order to stay informed (teachers, internet, family, friends, printed materials, etc.). Sometimes, that means asking for help. Sometimes, that means figuring it out for yourself. Wisdom is knowing the difference! 

    Whether school is open or closed, in-person or distance learning, you are responsible for your health, well-being, family, and education.

    Be smart! Stay at home! Stay safe! Stay hydrated!

    Educational Activities include:



    Basic Math Skills

    Getting Along With Others (communication)

    In addition:

    Stay Hydrated

    Eat Well

    Exercise Daily

    Sleep 8 Hours Each Night

    Pray or Meditate or Both!



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Mr. Peter Hatem

Phone: 914-376-8400


Degrees and Certifications:

BA - Journalism Pace University - 1981 NY Botanical Gardens - Certificate Program - 1993 MS - Education Mercy College - 2003

Mr. Peter Hatem

Lincoln High School Academy of Learning

Husband - Father - Teacher - Friend - Guardian

Finger Lincoln good since 1959! (In keeping with proper hygenie standards & CDC protocols)!