• You are expected to log into TEAMS each day.  When you log in, please mute yourself to minimize distractions.  When homework is assigned, you are expected to complete it by the due date, most times it is due the next day.  If there is a NEARPOD lesson, you are expected to log into that website (I will send the link) and participate in those activities.

    If you have questions about the day's lesson or the homework, it is your responsibility to reach out to me, either through TEAMS or email.

    You are also expected to complete labs, to satisfy the NYS Regents requirement.  For the beginning of the year, labs will be virtual, and need minimal supplies.  If we go back to inp erson teaching, then adjustments will be made.

    If you do not complete the 1200 minutes that NYS requires, you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TAKE THE REGENTS in June.  If NYS changes any Regents requirements, I will let you know.