Geometry builds upon students' command of geometric relationships and formulating mathematical arguments.  Students learn through discovery and application, developing the skills they need to break down complex challenges and demonstrate their knowledge in new situations.  Course topics include reasoning, proof, and the creation of sound mathematical arguments; points, lines, and angles; triangles and trigonometry; quadrilaterals and other polygons; circles; congruence, similarity, transformations, and constructions; coordinate geometry; three-dimensional solids; and applications of probability.  This course supports all students as they develop computational fluency, deepen conceptual understanding, and apply Common Core's eight mathematical practice skills.  Students begin each lesson by discovering new concepts through guided instruction, and then confirm their understanding in an interactive, feedback-rich environment. Modeling activities equip students with tools for analyzing a variety of real-world scenarios and mathematical ideas.  Performance tasks prepare students to synthesize their knowledge in novel, real-world scenarios and require that they make sense of multifaceted problems and persevere in solving them.  Throughout the course, students are evaluated through a diversity of assessments specifically designed to prepare them for the content, form, and depth of the Common Core.



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    Geometry 6-Day Work Plan 

    Geometry Week #2 Plan

    Geometry Week #3 Plan

    Geometry Week #4 Plan

    Geometry Week #5 Plan

    You all have your Unit 6 books in your possession.  Unit 7 and 8 are now available online for download on Schoology in the "Materials" tab.  

    Unit Books:  All lessons that have a barcode at the top of page can be scanned using the camera mode of cell phone, this will link to YouTube video of lesson.  In addition, students can access the lesson videos through the website www.emathinstruction.com, choose Common Core Geometry and the bottom of the page will have the Unit and Lesson # they can be directed to.

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