Welcome to an Exciting Year in Graphic Design!

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Design is Thinking Made Visual

Phone: Available Upon Request


Degrees and Certifications:

Emerson College, Boston: BA Audio Production New York University, NYC: MA Graphic Arts Management & Technology

Mr. Jennings

Dear Parents:I hope this message finds you well.I am delighted to introduce myself as the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Graphic Design Teacher at Roosevelt High School Early College Studies. As we prepare to embark on a new academic year, I am eager to share my passion for graphic design with your children and guide them on a creative and educational journey.My name is Mr. Jennings, and I bring with me a profound commitment to nurturing young talent in the field of graphic design. With extensive experience in both education and youth employment initiatives, I am excited to merge these worlds to provide our students with a unique and enriching learning experience.Throughout the year, your children will have the opportunity to explore the dynamic world of graphic design, where creativity knows no bounds. In addition to teaching the foundational principles of design and the use of industry-standard software, I am enthusiastic about fostering critical thinking, effective communication, and problem-solving skills.One distinctive aspect of my background is my expertise in youth employment. I firmly believe in preparing our students not only for academic success but also for future career opportunities. I will be incorporating practical elements into our curriculum that will equip your children with the skills needed to excel in the world of graphic design, making them well-prepared for their journey beyond high school.Open communication with parents and guardians is a cornerstone of a successful educational experience. Please know that I am always available to address any questions or concerns you may have. We will also be scheduling regular opportunities for parent-teacher meetings, allowing us to collaborate closely in your child's educational journey.I look forward to meeting your children and helping them discover their unique talents and passions in graphic design. Together, we will embark on a creative adventure filled with growth, inspiration, and achievement.Feel free to contact me at gjennings@yonkerspublicschools.org if you wish to discuss anything or if you have any questions. I am excited to partner with you to make this academic year a memorable and enriching one for your child.Thank you for entrusting your child's education to us at Roosevelt High School Early College Studies. Let us embrace this upcoming year with enthusiasm and dedication to the success of our students.Warm regards,Mr. JenningsCTE Graphic Design TeacherRoosevelt High School Early College Studies