• FINAL DAY TOPICS – The Year in Review


    1. Cell Structures
      1. organelles vs organs and their functions
      2. main parts: cell membrane; nucleus; mitochondria; vacuole; chloroplast; cell wall
      3. transport – how molecules move
        1. diffusion (passive) uses NO energy. Molecules move from great to less concentrations
        2. active – uses energy. Molecules move from less to great concentrations
      4. Transfer of energy
        1. sun to plants to consumers
        2. photosynthesis – solar to chemical (bonds)
          1. water & carbon dioxide makes glucose & oxygen
        3. respiration- heterotrophs make energy
          1. glucose & oxygen make ENERGY & Carbon dioxide & Water
    1. Enzymes – catalysts that speed up reactions- SHAPE DETERMINES FUNCTION
    1. reactions are determined by pH and temperature
    2. all reactions have OPTIMAL conditions
    1. Nutrientschemicals our bodies need for metabolism (all life functions)
      1. Main Macromolecules & Building Blocks
    1. Carbohydrates – (glucose) is fuel for making energy
    2. Proteins – (amino acids) cell repair; amino acids
    • Lipids – (fatty acid & glycerol) cell formation
    1. Nucleic Acid – (nucleotides ..phosphate, sugar, base) forms DNA
    1. Genetics – DNA is the blueprint/plan/directions for all traits. It can REPLICATE !!
      1. DNA is made of GENES that are determined by 4 bases: A – T     &    C – G
      2. DNA cannot leave the nucleus, so it TRANSCRIBES to mRNA: A – U    &    C – G
      3. These CODONS (three letter combos) then code for Amino Acids that strung together to form a protein (enzyme, antibody, hormone)
      4. MUTATIONS are any changes in the base pairs
    2. Reproduction
      1. Asexual – 1 makes 2 / clones / identical DNA
    1. Mitosis – body cell reproduction /
      1. Sexual - variation / recombination / sperm & egg
    1. Meiosis – sex cell (gamete) reproduction / 1 makes 4
      1. Female Reproductive Cycle - Hormones regulate with negative feedback (estrogen, progesterone, LH, FSH)
    1. Ovary-egg production; estrogen & progesterone made here
    2. Oviduct- connects ovary to uterus; site of fertilization
    • Uterus- muscular, site of embryo implantation
    1. Placenta – exchange of nutrients & waste between mom & fetus
    2. Vagina – birth canal
      1. Male Reproduction – deliver sperm
    1. Testes – produce sperm, testosterone
    2. Vas deferens – connects testes to urethra
    • Glands – nutrients & fluid for sperm
    1. Urethra – tube that leads out of the body (in the penis)




    1. Evolution – change over time
      1. Darwins theory of Natural Selection
    1. Overpopulation
    2. Variation
    • Competition
    1. Adaptation
    2. Survival of the fittest
    1. Ecology  - interaction of the biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) in an ecosystem
      1. Limiting factors leads to carrying capacity
      2. Invasive species have no natural predator, overtake an ecosystem
      3. Relationships = Predator-prey            parasite-host
    2. Human Impact – mans’ influence on the environment
      1. Global warming – too much CO2 caused by burning fossil fuels
      2. Ozone depletion – aerosols break it down.  Ozone protects us from U.V. light
      3. Acid rain – sulfur dioxide turns to sulfuric acid in the atmosphere
      4. Deforestation – depletes CO2 using trees, causes global warming
    3. State Labs
    1. Diffusion – dialysis tubing is the cell membrane; filled with glucose and starch; beaker has iodine
      1. Indicators – show the presence of a substance by changing color
      2. Large molecules cannot fit through the membrane
    • Osmosis is the diffusion of water
      1. salt changes the concentration of water and makes it move from higher to lower
      2. eye dropper and paper towel are used to change fluid on a slide
    1. Connections
      1. Pulse rate average & class trend
      2. Muscle fatigue, lactic acid build up
    • Circulatory & Respiratory Systems work together to maintain homeostasis
      1. brings glucose & oxygen to the cells
      2. carbon dioxide away from cells
    1. Experimental design
      1. hypothesis – NEVER a question;..If, Then
        1. using independent (changed) and dependent (measured)variables
      2. control group – (compare) all the same variables EXCEPT the Independent
      3. conclusion – hypothesis in the past tense
    2. Biodiversityfinding a substitute for a plant that produces a wonder drug by comparing traits to three other unknowns… COMMON ANCESTRY
      1. variety of life forms helps keep ecosystems stable
        1. Loss of biodiversity is BAD
        2. future source of food or medicine that has not been discovered yet
      2. molecular tests are more reliable than physical tests (more exact or specific)
    • paper chromatography – separates pigments by weight
    1. gel electrophoresis – separates DNA or proteins by size (restriction enzymes)
    2. amino acid sequence – changing a BASE doesn’t always change the amino acid
    1. Beaks of Finches – concepts of Natural Selection
      1. Nature determines what traits are better suited for survival
      2. Those that are better adapted can survive and reproduce, passing on those traits
    • Sexual reproduction (recombination) causes variations in a species that leads to adaptive traits.
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